WITNESS & TESTIMONY IN APPALACHIA: Environment, Community, & Purple Zone Preaching

June Intensives Immersion Course – LW 677

This course will immerse students in a four-day learning experience in the eastern Kentucky coal fields. We will take short hikes in the woods, visit key sites, hear from speakers and local clergy and residents, and worship with a local congregation. We will ask questions, engage in deep, pastoral listening to a variety of voices, and discern how we can preach the gospel in the midst of the red-blue political divide and contentious community issues.

Learn first-hand the complex intersections of geography, class, culture, race/ethnicity, and sexual orientation that impact the conjoining challenges of environmental, socioeconomic, and public health issues in the coal fields of Appalachia.

Engage in constructive civil discourse to listen to and dialogue with individuals from different political perspectives around sensitive social issues within Appalachia.

Learn strategies for crafting a sermon about a controversial social justice issues in your own ministry context that draws on the stories and experiences from your time visiting Appalachia.

ELIGIBILITY: DMin students, Masters or Certificate students who have passed LW 554 (Sermon Prep) and LW 577 (Practice Preaching).


For more information about LW 677, contact Dr. Schade via telephone (859) 280 1252 or email lschade@lextheo.edu.