Transcript Requests

Requests for release of a transcript must be in writing and contain an original signature. Transcripts are NOT released if the request is by phone or e-mail. Former students must send a written request or fax that contains the following information: Name, address, dates of attendance, name and address to which transcript will be sent, number of copies, signature. Requests from students/former students with unmet financial obligations in the business office will not be honored until the obligation is met.

Current students must use the STUDENT INFORMATION REQUEST FORM in the Registrar’s office. The transcript can be provided to the student/former student or mailed directly to a third party. The transcript will be provided along with a cover sheet. A copy of the cover sheet is attached to the request and maintained in the student’s file.

Download the Student Information Request form >>

One week should be allowed for preparation of a transcript. It is rare that transcripts can be provided on demand. Transcripts must be pre-paid. There will be no credit or invoicing.  Cost:  $10.00 for the first copy; $2.00 for each additional copy.

Transcripts are printed on safety paper which can not be altered and will show the words COPY when copied. The back of the transcript includes a key explaining the grading system, transfer hours, etc. The key includes a seal and signature. An original signature and seal are not required/provided unless specifically requested.

Mail transcript requests to:
Windy Kidd
230 Lexington Green Circle – Suite 300
Lexington, KY 40503

The fax number is (859) 281-6042. For more information, call (859) 280-1237.