LTS Quarterly Vol. 44 Winter 2011 No. 3

♦ LTS Quarterly Copyright Page ♦ Cover Page ♦ Table of Contents and Editors Note   Introduction to More John W. McGarvey Outlines O. Wesley Allen and Jerry Sumney p.... Read More

Face to face: Michael Junkroski

M.Div. student Michael Junkroski talks candidly about the online program at Lexington Theological Seminary, his fellow students and what it means to his congregation and... Read More

Dr. Richard Weis installed as Dean and VP

See the installation service for Dr. Richard Weis by clicking the link to the left. Dr. Weis was installed Sunday, Jan. 22, as the 17th Dean and Vice President of Academic Affairs at Lexington Theological... Read More

LTS Quarterly Vol. 44 Summer 2011 No. 2

LTS Quarterly Copyright Page Cover Page Table of Contents and Editors Note John W. McGarvey Bill Paulsell p. 59 - 64 J. W. McGarvey as Preacher Wes Allen p. 65-66 A Selection of Sermon Outlines from John W. McGarvey Jerry Sumney and Wes Allen p. 67 -... Read More

Library hours change

Beginning January 30, Bosworth Memorial Library will be open to the public from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. (rather than 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.) Monday through Friday. The library will be closed on... Read More

Advent prayer

Gracious light who shines in the darkness Source of fresh water in the deserts of our lives Sustainer of spirit, intellect and practice Assurance of the not-yet that is yet-to-be Re-newer of our weary vision We gather in this season of watchful waiting Invited to savor our community As a child seeing life through fresh eyes Who is in awe at the sources of creation Who wonders at our capacity for nourishment May we discover how the rough places have been smoothed and will be smoothed... Read More

Dr. Gillett installed as Seminary’s 17th president

Lexington, Ky., Dec. 5, 2011 – Observing that hope “is more than wishful thinking,” the Rev. Dr. Charisse L. Gillett called upon all those who work in and alongside Lexington Theological Seminary to support its efforts to meet the needs of students and congregations at her service of installation as the Seminary’s 17th president Dec. 4. “We must embrace a new narrative for LTS as we integrate and cultivate what we do in the classroom with our realities in the church…as we take... Read More

Lexington Theological Seminary names new Vice President

LEXINGTON THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY NAMES NEW VICE PRESIDENT Lexington, Ky., Nov. 9, 2011 – The incoming Vice President of Advancement at Lexington Theological Seminary says that having a committed alumni base is a key component to the success of the Seminary, its students and the congregations they serve. Mark Blankenship joins the Seminary Nov. 15. In his most recent position, Blankenship is Associate Vice President for Advancement and Associate Vice President for Alumni Programs at... Read More

Face to Face: Tomeka and Peter

Lexington Theological Seminary students Tomeka, a licensed minister, and Peter, a recent Barton College graduate, talk about the Master of Divinity program at... Read More

Alumni/ae notes

1949 Edsel F. Pugh  was recognized by the Norwood (OH) Christian Church on the occasion of his 65th ordination anniversary on August 15. 1955 Carl R. Flock  celebrated his 60th ordination anniversary on August 15 at First Christian Church, Birmingham, AL.  Recognition was given during the worship service and a luncheon afterwards. 1958 J. Donald Graham of Berea, Ky., was married to Frances Crawford on May 14. 1972 Edd Spencer completed the final section of hiking the Appalachian... Read More