SIS Course Descriptions

SIS 570  – The Three R’s of Seminary

This course aims to assist students in improving their capacity to do three things:  research the existing conversation on a topic of interest, to read that conversation analytically, and to write their own views clearly and cogently.  These are critical skills for success in seminary.  They are also critical skills for ministry in the church during and after seminary.

Today many students who are preparing for ministry are coming back to school after an absence from formal academic work and academic writing.  Many students come from careers where expectations about writing are different than for graduate work and ministry.  The Three R’s course is designed to assist you in becoming better readers, writers, and researchers in those contexts.

Prerequisite: *Required within the First 8 Hours*
Credit:  1.0
Instructor:  Dr. Richard Weis

SIS 571 – The Two P’s of Seminary:  Prayer and Praxis 

Students can feel alternately surprised, overwhelmed, disillusioned, and delighted by theological education. While each student’s experience is different, this course is designed to prepare you for the impact that working on an M.Div. often has on the life of faith (prayer) and approach to ministry (praxis) so that you can flourish spiritually and practically throughout and beyond your educational program. In other words, this course will name aspects of the seminary experience that can transform students’ approach to prayer and Christian praxis within the community of faith.

Prerequisite:  *Required within the First 8 Hours*
Credit:  1.0
Instructor:  Faculty


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