LTS Tuition and Fees

Making Seminary Affordable:
Our students tell us that earning a degree from LTS is very affordable. The seminary offers scholarships to offset the cost of tuition. For a complete list of scholarships offered, click here. In addition to scholarships LTS provides students to pay tuition over time at 0% interest. For more information please contact Windy Kidd.

What About Those Credit Cards?

It’s really easy to stick tuition or books on a credit card.  When used properly credit cards can be a wonderful tool for gaining additional bonuses for daily expenses (i.e. flyer miles, hotel points, cash back).  However, what happens when the balance isn’t paid off in full each month?  Did you know that if a person charges $500 on a credit card with an APR of 18% and only make the minimum monthly payment it will take 46 months to pay it off?

LTS encourages students to stop and think before swiping.  It’s important to ask, is their money in the bank to pay this off at the end of the month?  Will the money be in the bank within the next 30 days?  What is the cost if it isn’t paid off immediately?  LTS offers a 0% interest payment plan to help students manage tuition without going into debt.  For more information contact the Director of Financial Aid (make this a link that goes to my contact on the website).

There are many great tools to help think about the long term effects of credit card debt.  Here is one credit card calculator that may be helpful in showing the financial impact of credit card debt.