We welcome questions and look forward to talking with you, but you may find these frequently-asked questions helpful prior to, or after talking with us about seminary education at LTS. Please email Carol Devine any time at cdevine@lextheo.edu or call 859-621-6741.

* Do you accept people from all backgrounds?

Students at Lexington are diverse in age, denomination, race, geographic location, and gender. They have one thing in common: they all desire to learn more about the life of faith and answer a call. Students at LTS come from a variety of backgrounds; our students are engineers and teachers, nurses and parents, recent graduates and second-career pastors. At Lexington you will find your place in a community.

* What programs do you offer?

Master of Divinity (M. Div.): 76 credit hours, Master of Theological Studies (MTS): 48 credit hours, Master in Pastoral Studies (MPS): 48 credit hours, Doctor of Ministry (D. Min.): 30 credit hours, Certificate Programs, and opportunities for both Special Students and Auditors. Please check out this link https://www.lextheo.edu/academics/degree-programs/ for more details about our programs.

* What are the requirements for admission & how do I apply?

Masters level applicants must have received a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution, have a minimum 2.5 GPA, complete the online application along with a $65 non-refundable application fee, and submit other information based on the chosen program. Please see the Prospective Students page for more details on reference letters, transcripts, essays, and background checks. Doctor of Ministry applicants must have completed a Master of Divinity (M.Div.) with a 3.0 minimum GPA. Candidates for the D. Min. must have 3 years of pastoral experience following the completion of the M. Div.

Non-degree seeking applicants for credit (Special Students) must meet the same prerequisites as degree-seeking students, and have the option of transferring up to 12 credits of coursework into a degree program.

Auditors may apply using the simple Application to Audit form on the website; no other paperwork must be submitted to be an auditor.

All applications must be submitted through the online application process. No applications will be considered if sent by email or through means other than the online application process.

* How many students are enrolled?

Lexington Theological Seminary enrolls students on an ongoing, monthly basis, so our enrollment numbers change frequently. During the 2014-2015 academic year, 134 students were enrolled in our programs.

* Do I have to move in order to attend classes?

No. The majority of your coursework will be completed online, so you do not have to relocate to attend classes. In the case of the MTS and the Certificate in Pastoral Ministry, your coursework can be completed 100% online.

* Is seminary just for people who want to be pastors?

Although most people go to seminary in order to become pastors, people attend seminary for a variety of reasons. Some use seminary to prepare for further graduate study in theology or a related field. Others plan to become professional counselors. There are even quite a few people who go to seminary simply to “test the waters” to see if ministry or further study is for them.

* How do I pay for seminary?

Students from the Christian Church Disciples of Christ (CCDOC) and The United Churches of Christ (UCC) are eligible for a 50% tuition scholarship if they are under care in their region.

Lexington offers a Presidential Scholarship each fall, as well. This full-tuition scholarship is awarded to one Master of Divinity student who shows promise both academically and in capacity for ministry. Application for the Presidential Scholarship is completed through the application to the M. Div. program. Students may only be considered for this award one time.

Lexington also offers an interest-free, fee-free payment plan that allows you to pay for your education the way you take courses: one at a time. Payment plans can be set up with the Registrar once you have been admitted as a student.

Students may also apply for Federal Financial Assistance through the FAFSA program. LTS accepts student loans, grants, VA benefits, military benefits, and other awards you may be granted.

* How long does seminary take?

Lexington’s unique “at your own pace” schedule means that you can complete your studies on your timeframe. Most students at LTS attend on a part-time basis so they can balance their studies with their family life, work life and ministry. Most students take between 12 and 20 credits per calendar year.

* Is LTS accredited?

Lexington Theological Seminary is accredited by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS). It is a graduate theological institution of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), preparing leaders for the church since 1865.

* I live outside the United States. May I still apply?

Lexington Theological Seminary is currently unable to accept students who are not United States citizens or resident aliens. If you are a US citizen living abroad, it may be possible for you to attend LTS. Call or email the Office of Admissions to speak to someone about your unique situation.

* Do you have a program for Spanish-speaking candidates?

The Certificate in Hispanic Ministries provides theological, biblical, and ministerial training to men and women for leadership in Spanish-speaking congregations. Over the duration of four consecutive summers to accommodate busy schedules, students will attend a five-day intensive training each year at Lexington Theological Seminary in Lexington, KY. Each course will be offered in Spanish, and students who successfully complete all 12 courses will earn a Certificate in Hispanic Ministries or CEU credit.

* May I visit the Seminary?

We’d love to meet you! Lexington Theological Seminary invites you or your group to visit our campus, tour the spaces, and meet some of our staff, faculty and students. However, we do ask that you contact the Seminary in advance at:

*(866) 296-6087

*(859) 252-0361

Our address is: 230 Lexington Green Circle, Suite 300 Lexington, Kentucky 40503

When are Admissions decisions made?

* Admission to Lexington Theological Seminary is ongoing throughout the calendar year. The Admissions Committee will review applications at least once per month, on the 15th, year round. Students will be notified by email when a decision has been made. Six weeks after accepting an offer of admission from LTS, the student is eligible to begin coursework

* Does LTS ordain people?

The seminary curriculum is designed to help prepare those who are seeking ordination, but we DO NOT perform ordination ceremonies, nor do we participate in the denominational process of ordination. Plans for ordination must first be discussed between the student and his/her state regional office. The final approval for ordination is at the discretion of the students’ denominational or congregational bodies responsible for ordination. Lexington will assist students in the discernment process and will cooperate with ordaining bodies as much as possible.

* How does online education at LTS work?

Classes are in session from 2-8 weeks, depending on the course and number of credits being earned. Coursework will consist of required readings, written assignments, and class participation several days a week to receive credit. Discussion and lecture are completed asynchronously, on your schedule. Students are not required to log into the classroom or discussion board at a specific time, unless so directed by the instructor. A common exception to the asynchronous learning model is Covenant Group.