Media Support

The LTS Media Department records all chapel services and convocation lectures as well as many other on-campus presentations. Copies of these recordings can be borrowed from the Library or purchased through the Media Dept.

Some courses at LTS require that students watch movies. All movies required as well as the media equipment necessary to view them are available in the Library building.

The Media Dept. also provides media equipment for classroom use if requested three days in advance. Two classrooms are already configured with some smart technology.

For more information, contact Charlie Heaberlin, (859) 280-1258,

Campus Computer Support

Currently, the Seminary offers some information technology resources on campus for student use. Several computer workstations are available in the Library building. Each public computer has access to Library resources, a connection to the Internet, and the Microsoft Office suite of productivity software. The Library building also provides a short-range wireless network that students can log into.

Students at LTS need an email account for some courses, particularly in the D.Min. program. Currently the Seminary does not provide separate student email accounts through its server but is exploring that possibility.