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Members of the Seminary community have been deeply involved in movements for environmental responsibility, racial equality, fair housing and social justice. Others have contributed to national and international discussions on such matters as peace and the welfare of children. These concerns, along with issues of cross-cultural diversity and ecumenical leadership are regularly addressed in course work and special projects.

General Information

Toll Free Number: (866) 296-6087
Seminary Switchboard: (859) 252-0361
FAX: (859) 281-6042

Mailing Address: 230 Lexington Green Circle, Suite 300, Lexington, KY 40503

Every member of the Lexington Theological Seminary’s staff is dedicated to supporting our students in their academic journey. The Seminary is proud of its community of highly trained professionals and they look forwarded to helping you with questions and solutions every step of the way, from inquiry through graduation.

Academic Dean’s Office
Dr. Loida I. Martell, Vice President for Academic Affairs,
Dean and Professor of Constructive Theology
(859) 280-1256

Deena Ainslie, Administrative Assistant
(859) 280-1212

Accreditation Liaison
Maryann Wellman
(859) 280-1240

Erin Cash, Director of Admissions
(859) 280-1249

Advancement Office, Development, and Donations
Mark Blankenship, Vice President for Advancement
(859) 280-1250

Katherine Raley

Kathy Rountree

Charlie Heaberlin, Archival Librarian
(859) 280-1258

Business Office
Karen Wagers, Chief Financial Officer
(859) 280-1236

Robin Varner, Administrative Assistant
(859) 280-1242

Church Relations
Mark Blankenship, Vice President for Advancement
(859) 280-1250

Coordinator of Mentoring Program 
Jan E, Mentoring Program Coordinator
(859) 280-1232

Tanya Tyler, Director of Communications
(859) 280-xxxx

Conversations on Stewardship & Finances
Kris Bentley, Project Director of Conversations on Stewardship & Finances– Initiative to Address Economic Issues Facing Future Ministers
(859) 421-5672

Doctor of Ministry and Lay & Continuing Education Program
Wilson Dickinson, Director of D.Min & Lay & Continuing Education Program
(859) 280-1219

Financial Aid
Windy Kidd, Registrar and Director of Financial Aid and Student Billing
(859) 280-1237

Instructional Technology
Dominique Highfil, Instructional Designer
(859) 280-1246

Lexington Theological Quarterly
Jerry Sumney, Professor of Biblical Studies
(859) 280-1255

Library and Media Services
Library Main Desk
(859) 280-1229

Dolores Yilibuw, Library Director
(859) 280-1224

Charlie Heaberlin, Archives and Media Librarian
(859) 280-1258

Katie Wolsky, Metadata and Course Reserves Manager
(859) 280-1229

Master in Pastoral Studies 
Vacant, Director of MPS Program
(859) 280-1219/1233

Ministry Site Coordinator
(859) 280-xxxx

President’s Office
Charisse Gillett, President
(859) 280-1230

Jaime Mulloy, Executive Assistant
(859) 280-1231

Registrar, Scholarship Information, and Student Loans & Billing
Windy Kidd, Registrar and Director of Financial Aid and Student Billing
(859) 280-1237 

The Seminary’s faculty consists of regularly appointed positions (core faculty) augmented by a number of adjunct professors, pastors and mentors. They are scholars in their fields, performing research and publishing books and articles on a regular basis. The Seminary recruits faculty with a wide range of geographic, racial/ethnic and cultural gifts so that our students will be more than congregational managers. Our faculty is committed to develop ministers who have the vision and skills to empower people to live into a beloved community.

Full Time Faculty

Emily Askew
Associate Professor of Systematic Theology
(859) 280-1239

Barbara Blodgett
Donald and Lilllian Nunnelly Assistant Professor in Pastoral Leadership
(859) 280-1218

Loida I. Martell
Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean
(859) 280-1256

Leah Schade
Assistant Professor of Preaching and Worship
(859) 280-1252

Jerry L. Sumney
Professor of Biblical Studies
(859) 280-1255

Program Directors

Director of the M.P.S. Program
(859) 280-1219

Wilson Dickinson
Director of the D.Min. & Lay and Continuing Education Programs
(859) 280-1253

 Adjunct Professors

Greg Alexander
Adjunct Professor of Pastoral Leadership

Bruce Barkhauer

Adjunct Professor of Practice of Ministry

Bruce Breeding

Adjunct Professor of Church History

Kristel Clayville
Adjunct Professor of Interpreting the Behavior for the Church

Richard Coble
Adjunct Professor of Leading the Church through Care

Wilson Dickinson
Adjunct Professor of Interpreting the Faith for the Church

Donald Gillett
Adjunct Professor of Pastoral Leadership

Zipporah Glass
Adjunct Professor of Hebrew Bible

John Hull
Adjunct Professor of Hebrew Bible

Sandra Kunz
Adjunct Professor of Leading the Church in Formation

Barbara Lomonaco
Adjunct Professor of Cultural Studies

Richard Lowery
Adjunct Professor of Hebrew Bible

Narola McFayden
Adjunct Professor of Leading the Church in Formation

Christy Newton
Adjunct Professor of Social Ethics

John Opsata
Adjunct Professor of Worship

William Paulsell
Adjunct Professor of Church History

Chris Rodkey
Adjunct Professor of Religious Education and Theology

Dr. Tamar Wasoian
Adjunct Professor of Church in Formation

DMin Readers

Names Here

Emeriti/ae Faculty and Staff

William Richard Barr, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus of Theology, 1964-1997

Wayne Harvey Bell, D.D.
President Emeritus, 1974-1986

Loren Arthur Broadus, M.Div.
Professor Emeritus of the Practice of Ministry, 1968-1995

Philip N. Dare. Ph.D.
Dean, Librarian, and Professor Emeritus of Theological Research, 1984-2004

Ruth Adams Kitchen,
Registrar Emerita, 1964-1995

Steve Monhollen, M.Phil. and D.Min.
Professor Emeritus of Pastoral Leadership, 2003-2012

William Oliver Paulsell, Ph.D.
President Emeritus, 1981-1992

Richard D. Weis, Ph.D.
Dean and Professor Emeritus of the Hebrew Bible, 2011-2017

David Sharrard, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus of Pastoral Care and Counseling, 1979-2009

Sharon Warner, Ph.D.
Professor Emerita of Educational Ministries, 1989-2012