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ASerials; Academic Search Premiere, Religion & Philosophy Collection, Catholic Periodical and Literature Index, New & Old Testament Abstracts, E-books, etc.


Digital archive of journals: the Arts and Sciences Collections.

Gale Virtual Reference Library

26 electronic reference works covering history, law, nation and the world, religion, and social science.

Encyclopedia Britannica

Digital version of the Encyclopaedia, as well as a wealth of other reference materials.

Learning Express Library

Access to tutorials in general studies as well as specific software (MS Office, Adobe products, etc), and practice tests for major standardized tests.

Oxford Biblical Studies

A database of scholarly resources for the study of the Bible.

Loeb Classical Library

A database of Greek and Roman Classics.

Worship Library

A database of worship materials and reference titles.

Ministry Matters

A database that supports Christian ministry with resources, community, and inspiration.

Biblical Archeology Society Archive Online

A searchable online archive of the holdings of the Biblical Archaeology Society, this access is through the DTL..

GALE IN CONTEXT: Opposing Viewpoints

A premier full-text and video database that presents pros and cons of various societal issues such as religion, immigration, capital punishment, etc. Views presented are gathered from Government documents, the media, reference resources, electronic newspapers and journals, and websites. It additionally contains statistics and other graphical information.