Lay School of Theology

Fall 2017 LST Series

Belief, Healing and Health:  A Dialogue between Neuroscience and Theology

– Presented by Dr. Emily Askew and Dr. Donald Gash

Belief, healing and wellness of the body and mind were hallmarks of Jesus’s ministry and the early Christian Church.  Here we will see how they are at work in some faith communities today and intersect with lifestyles medical research is now showing are critical factors for healthy living.  We begin by examining vibrant communities that have the most 100+ year-olds in the world, the “Blue Zones” discovered in medical aging research studies. Issues of belief and healing bring up theological questions about the difference between healing and curing in Jesus’ ministry, God’s role in health and illness, our role as church in creating a healing environment.  Together a neuroscientist and a theologian consider how we can live better as people of faith.

When: September 16, 23 & 30

*Attend in person at Lexington Theological Seminary or online.

Registration Fee:  $60

Register by Mail by Sept. 12. Click to download and print the brochure and mail to:
230 Lexington Green Circle, Suite 300, Lexington, KY 40503.

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Spring 2017 LST Series

margie ralphDoes the Bible Tell Me So?

– Presented by Dr. Margie Ralph

Throughout history the Bible has been used to “take God’s name in vain,” to argue that God’s word supports what are actually human prejudices.  In this three session class we will first examine how biblical passages have been abused in the past to argue for slavery and against women suffrage.  We will then compare this method of interpreting Scripture to a contextualist’s method of interpretation of the same passages in order to determine what the inspired authors were actually teaching.  With this knowledge in hand, we will examine how the Bible is being used to address some current controversial issues to see if these interpretations of Scripture are faithful to the inspired author’s intentions.

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