Lay School of Theology

Fall 2020 – Probing Our Depths: A Journey Through the History of Christian Spirituality

The Lay School of Theology is a continuing education program for all who wish to enrich their Christian faith.

“Probing Our Depths” will consist of studying the lives and writings of some of the best-known Christian spiritual writers, beginning with the third century and finishing in the twentieth century. These are people who probed their own depths to find the presence of God in their lives. Their life-changing efforts often resulted in a new understanding of who God is and what Christian faith is about. These writers are all from the mainstream of Christianity and have continuing influence today.

The class will include suggestions about how we can make use of their ideas in our own lives to deepen our own spiritual probing. What are the practical implications for us in ordinary daily living, and how might they affect our own understanding of faith and Christian living? How might we use Scripture and church life in fostering spiritual growth?

Rev. Dr. William O. Paulsell, President Emeritus of Lexington Theological Seminary, author, professor, and former pastor

Please plan to attend all classes, as each lesson builds upon the preceding one.

When: Saturday, September 12, 19, & 26, 2020

Location: 100% Online!

Registration Fee: $60

Unlimited number of participants per online login

Register by: September 10

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Link to the recorded Spring 2019 Lay School of Theology is available for purchase.

The gospels paint a picture of Jesus as a humorous and subversive teacher, as an organizer of alternative communities and food economies, as a healer of bodies and relationships and as a prophet who sought to overturn an empire and restore a more just and joyful way of life.
In this lay school, we will look at the gospels afresh as they illuminate the practices of another way of life. In so doing, we will see the relevance of Jesus’ teaching and ministry for contemporary issues such as the care of creation and environmental justice. By exploring this always-intriguing, sustainable gospel – this green Good News – we will find ways to transform our church practices and everyday lives.

Registration Fee:  $60

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The Lay School of Theology is a continuing education program at Lexington Theological Seminary for people who wish to enrich their Christian faith.