Lay School of Theology


The gospels paint a picture of Jesus as a humorous and subversive teacher, as an organizer of alternative communities and food economies, as a healer of bodies and relationships and as a prophet who sought to overturn an empire and restore a more just and joyful way of life.
In this lay school, we will look at the gospels afresh as they illuminate the practices of another way of life. In so doing, we will see the relevance of Jesus’ teaching and ministry for contemporary issues such as the care of creation and environmental justice. By exploring this always-intriguing, sustainable gospel – this green Good News – we will find ways to transform our church practices and everyday lives.

Registration Fee:  $60

*Register by April 30, 2019.

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The Lay School of Theology is a continuing education program at Lexington Theological Seminary for people who wish to enrich their Christian faith.