Instructional Designer

Lexington Theological Seminary invites applications for the position of Instructional Designer.

The Instructional Designer oversees and manages the seminary’s internal IT resources (LAN), and the LMS and associated resources that support the seminary’s online courses.  This position supports faculty (regular and adjunct) in the development and execution of online courses, students in their accessing and succeeding in online education, and staff in their use of the seminary’s systems.  The Instructional Designer takes the lead in researching emerging developments in online education of potential use to the seminary.  This position carries out a variety of other lesser technology related functions for various offices of the seminary.


  1. Takes the lead in researching new developments in online pedagogy and technology for effective online learning, and in integrating them into the seminary’s technology and practices for online instruction.
    • Participate in the research, trial, evaluation, choice and integration of new technologies that support instructional excellence.
    • Plans, evaluates, and recommends equipment, hardware, and software upgrades to support current technology.
    • Serves on the Pedagogy and Technology Committee of faculty Council
  1. Manages the seminary’s internal technology resources
    • Sets up end-user workstations on the campus network – antivirus, printers, file sharing, back-ups, etc.
    • Creates new email accounts for students, faculty, staff
    • Develops and maintains contracts with outside IT vendors.
    • Builds and manages the IT budget
    • Maintains the seminary’s technology inventory
  1. Oversees and manages LTSOnline and other online resources of the seminary
    • Manages LTS Online 7 days a week
    • Works with regular and adjunct faculty and academic administration to prepare on-line classes.
    • Resolves issues related to technology use in instruction
    • Oversees initial virtual meetings for classes and other groups
    • Maintains and updates the Seminary’s non-academic webpages.
    • Manages the seminary’s Amazon Bookstore site
  1. Provides IT support to faculty, students and staff
    • Organize activities for regular and adjunct faculty, including workshops and seminars, designed to support instructional excellence.
    • Develop online course development guides and effective practice documents for regular and adjunct faculty
    • Develop written training materials for faculty, staff and students
    • Develop online tutorials for staff, adjuncts, faculty, and students
    • Maintains the online orientation packet for new students
    • Provides one-on-one orientation to LTSOnline for each new student and faculty members (regular and adjunct).
    • Provides one-on-one troubleshooting for students in relation to online IT resources provided by LTS
    • Provides one-on-one troubleshooting for regular and adjunct faculty in relation to online and internal IT resources
    • Provides one-on-one troubleshooting for staff in relation to internal IT resources
    • Coordinate with contract IT company
  1. Assists other seminary offices and functions with specific online and IT components of projects
    • Creates DVD’s for institutional use
    • Develops the PayPal buttons for seminary events.
    • Prepares new issues of the LTS Quarterly for submission to the ATLA
    • Develops online forms for institutional use
    • Facilitates remote meetings and webinars
    • Video record chapel and commencement services, on-campus lectures and other special events


  1. May be required to work weekends or evenings for major project deadlines or events.
  2. Will be required to carry a cell phone and be reachable during off hours as determined by management.


  1. 3 years’ experience in developing and delivering best practices in distance education.
  2. A Bachelor’s degree is required in Instructional Technology or related field. Master’s degree preferred.
  3. Teaching online and/or face-to-face
  4. Familiarity with Web 2.0 tools
  5. Familiar with PC and Mac platforms
  6. Experience in developing and redesigning fully online, and hybrid/blended courses.
  7. Expertise with screen capture technology (e.g., Camtasia, Captivate, Jing).


To apply for the position, please submit a resume and cover letter by emailing Karen Wagers, CFO, at by December 22, 2017.