2016-17 Honor Roll of Donors Draft

FY17 Gifts

August 1, 2016 – June 23, 2017

James and Lee Anne Abernathy

Carlene H. Adams

Ed and Elaine Adams

Phillip and Beth Adams

Ginny Hill

Ann Clay Adams

Deena Ainslie

Joyce Albro

Dave and Anne Alexander

Doug Alexander and Paula Simonton-Alexander

Joyce Allen

Emily Allen

Karen Allen

Bob and Sandy Almquist

Hazel Arnold

Clark Jerene Arrington

Donald W. Arterburn

Jack and Patricia Austin

Davis and Ruby Babcock

Barbara and Joey Bailey

Joshua Baird and Laura Fitt-Baird

Jack and Marti Baldwin

Mike and Andi Bales

Tom Banks

Pat Barbier

Chuck and Barbara Bare

Bruce and Laura Barkhauer

Jack and Betty Barlow

John and Julie Barlow

Bill and Priscilla Barnes

Wayne and LaDonna Barnett

Donna Barr

Vickie Batzka

Audrey Bean

Fred Bean

Peter Becker

Diane Beidler

Wayne and Virginia Bell

Kevin and Melissa Bell

John Bennett

Louis and Angela Bennett

Stephen Bentley

Kris and Perry Bentley

LoAnn Blankenship

Mark and Kim Blankenship

Barbara Blodgett

David Blondell

Ben Bohren

Leigh and Ellen Bond

Alan C. Bone

Jim and Susan Boone

Myrtle Jo Boston

Gayle and Jay Box

Bob and Ruth Bradley

Larry and Peggy Bramblet

Larry and Judy Brandon

John Bray

Bob and Gwen Bray

John and Charlene Bridwell

John Bridwell

Peggy Bright

Loren Broadus

Stephen and Cynthia Brock

John and Janice Browning

Warren and Virginia Brubaker

Dean and Ann Bucalos

Ben and Roberta Buckley

Jacqueline Brummel

John and Rebecca Brungardt

Joe Bryan

Gloria Bucher

Ann Buckingham

Joseph and Mary Lou Byers

LaMarco Cable

Lynda L. Carlson

Evelyn Cartmill

Phil and Susan Case

Jim Caton

Larry and Kaki Chambers

Howard and Edna Chelf

Deh-Bin and Shuang-Ching Chen

Cabell and Marion Chenault

Linda Cheverton

Rachel Childress

T.E. and Belle Christerson

Randy and Susan Clay

Charles and Anna Cleaver

Ellen Cleveland

Lynn Cohee

Thomas and Brenda Cocker

Manny and Iris Collazo

Ron and Suzanne Compton

Ronda Connaway

James and Mary Lou Connor

David and Beth Conway

Bobby and Nancy Cook

David and Sherry Cooper

Frank and Janet Corum

Mary Blanton Cotton

Jan and Ken Cottrell

Larry and Margaret Cowgill

Sue Ann Cowgill

Edward Cox

Ken and June Coy

Garnet and Larry Craddock

James and Fran Craddock

Thomas and Annelle Craig

Bob and Linda Cueni

Bill and Linda Lou Curwood

Nancy Daffer

Bob and Leila Dailey

Lanier Dasher

Patricia Davis

Ken Dean

Emily Denesha

Benny and Sondra Dickinson

Jack and Annette Dimond

Steve and Donna Doan

Jack and Kathryn Dorsey

Sharyn  Dowd

Bill and Jean Dozier

Butch Drake

John and Carol Duncan

Cecil and Judy Dunn

Terry and Patricia Dunnavant

Leon and Nellie Durham

George Duthie

Josh Edwards

Kristine Ehlert

Jan and Kirk Ehrmantraut

John and Josephine Elkins

Keith and Shirley Elliott

Jim Elliott

Del Elliott

Kurt Ellis

Jerry Elmore

Wayne Enders

Constance Enlow

Dan and Barbara Entwistle

David Evans, Jr.

Ken and Margi Evans

Patricia Featherstun

Sharon Fields

Joy Flowers

Bill and Beverly Forester

Jane and Richard Forston

Brad and Monica Foundain

Ralph and Dixie French

Jodi Fuller

Carolyn Fuller

Sarah and Matt Furnish

Katherine Games

Joe and Gita Gardner

Spencer and Linda Gardner

Allen Garner

Mrs. Nancy Holt Garver

Frankie Gay

Louis Gaylord

Bettie Gibson

Thom and Donna Gibson

Carl Gillespie

Charisse and Don Gillett

Steve and Sharon Ginn

David and Kay Grandgeorge

Al Graves

Anne Gregory

Rick and Mary Beth Griffith

James Groves

Larry and Beverley Grunden

Charles and Mary Lou Haggard

June Haislip

Bonnie and Bob Hall

Shirley and Hohn Hallock

Gordon and Sylvia Hamlin

Evan and Shirley Hammond

Mary Hancock

Harold Hancock

Opal Hanks

Hank and Joann Hanna

Rich and Lisa Hanna

Carol and Phillip Harlin

Lisa and Rich Harper

John and Judith Hart

Walter and Caroline Hehl

Charlie and Marilyn Highfield

Hank Hilliard

Ray and Caroline Hite

Chris and Cary Hobgood

Carol Hodges

Joe and Betty Hood

Jami Hornbuckle

Palina Hurst

David and Bonnie Hyatt

David Impastato

Larry and Cheryl Jackson

Priscilla Jackson

John and Shirley Jackson

Ralph B. Jahnige

Cynthia James

Barbara Jeffries

Max and Peggy Jenkins

Mary Elizabeth Johnson

Walt and Anne Johnson

Jim and Nancy Johnson

Charlotte Johnson

Donald and Tary Johnson

Richard and Linda Jones

Roland and Phyllis Jones

Paul and Merry Jones

Rachel and Bruce Julian

Leonard and Ann Kaufman

Shirley and Kathryn Kearns

Bill and Vivian Keller

Linda and George Kemp

Ann Kercheval

Gary and Judy Kidwell

Bob and Sallie Kintner

Bill and Emily Kirkland

Rick and Judy Landon

Don and Alice Lanier

Willie Ann and Warren Lansing

Eva LaRue

Dick and Nancy Laslo

Nadine Laws

Deane Lierle

Ed and Mariette Linberg

Gene Littler

Nell and David Line

Rick and Trina Loader

Doug and Barbara Lofton

David and Betty Lollis

Sotello and Elsie Long

E.B and Jody Lowman

Don and Shirley Lucey

William and Janet Luckett

James and Janet Lumpp

Tom and Rise Madden

Tom and Jackie Maddox

John and Helen Mains

Rich Mains

Eleanor Manning

Marvin and Virginia Marshall

Roy and Sharon Martin

DeAnna Mason

Bob and Jean Matthews

Jeannie and John May

Karen May

Ruby Mayes

Gary and Suzanne Mayes

Jack and Kay McAllister

Cynthia McBride

Sally McClain

Frank and Sue McCracken

Darryl and Isobel McDaniel

Bill and Julie McDonald

Michael and Jeanette McElhinnney

Barbara and Randy McGraw

Clyde and Hilda McKee

Don and Stephanie McLaughlin

Libby and Joe McManis

Becky McNeil

Ralph and Kim Meadows

Georgia Meece

Don and Francis Mertz

Sara and Kenneth Meuchel

Vandy and Sylvia Miller

Malon and Kaywin Mimms

Barbara and Thomas Minton

Tom and Sara Money

Stephanie Moon

Dixie Moore

Rachel Moore

Bob Mooty

Peter and Lynne Morgan

Will and Janet Morris

David and Peggy Moss

Bob and Jan Mucci

Bill and Jennie Murdock

Dick and Patricia Murphy

Jannie Nallinger

Enos Nelson

Mike Nichols

William and Kathy Nichols

Dinsmore and Jo Ann Nisbet

Bob Noel

Karen Nolan

Jerry and Shannon Norris

Don and Lillian Nunnelly

Larry and Melanie Odom-Groh

Lowell and Virginia Odgen

Jim Oglesby

Lon and Maria Oliver

Bill and Elizabeth Oliver

Luke Olliphant

Marianne Overley

Les and Janelle Palmer

Dabney Parker

Eddie and Phyllis Parker

Tracy and Robert Parker

Jacquelin Parlato

Bill and Sally Paulsell

Pam Pelletier

Bob and Betty-Jane Penrod

Martha Peterson and Brett Spear

Barbara Pfeifle

Mark Pittman

Ben Poage

Vesta Porter

Marilyn Powell

Stuart Price

Cynthia Priem

Nancy Prillaman

Joey and Jennifer Pusateri

Margie and Don Ralph

Herb and Vicki Ray

Rusty Rechenbach

Karen Rector

Luther Redmon

Katherine Redmond

Mary and Bill Reed

John Reed

Kerry and Patricia Reed

Sam Reel

Betty Reneau

Florence and Oren Reneau

Julie Richardson

Don and Johanna Richardson

Donald and Connie Richardson

Judy Ridlen

Forrest and Allen Roberts

Sally Robinson

Dan Roller and Adele Dickerson

Kenney Roseberry

Bill and Erin Rouse

Cy Rowell

Carl and Joann Rucker

Jonathon and Julie Rumburg

Jenny Russell

Bill and Narka Ryan

Neil and Dorothy Salee

LaRay and Nancy Salsberry

Nat Sandler

Leah Schade

Bill and Bicky Schiphorst

Mary Dudley Seale

Paul Semisch

Brett and Billie Jo Setzer

Dave and Ruch Sharrard

Ivan and Fan Shelburne

Jerry and Candy Shepard

Kline and Nora Lee Shipp

Gervis and Charlotte Showalter

Rob Shrader

Bob and Amy Silvanik

B.J. Simmons

John and Bobbi Sims

Ron and Marcia Sinclair

Victor and Sarah Singer

Billy Siress

Dick and Sandra Skinner

Tom and Sugar Slabaugh

Mildred Slack

Herb and Louise Sledd

Jewell Sloan

Pete and Karen Smith

John and Polly Smith

Michael and Martha Smith

Ralph and Emily Smith

Robert and Carole Smith

Hank Sneed

Jack and Lana Snellgrove

Chad Snellgrove

Bill and Amy Spangler-Dunning

Hobart and Jane Speegle

Sara and Don Staab

Bob and Martha Stauffer

Betsy Steiner

Doreen and Carl Stretch

Jim and Caroline Sullivan

Ann and Douglas Sullivan

Jackie and Jim Summers

Ron and Mary Lou Summers

Kara Swartz and Chad Penhorwood

Joyce Swords

Calvin Sydnor

Ralph Tamper

Marilyn Taylor

Steve and Kira Thaler

David Thomason

John and Elaine Thompson

Barbara Thompson

Julia Thorne

Ray and Donna Throckmorton

Lisa Tolliver

John Torp

James Trader

Raymond Trout

Bill and Earlene Turner

Tanya Tyler

Terry and Marsha Uselton

Bill Utterback

Tom and Sharon Van Dyke

Mike and Amy Van Heyninger

Darrell and Marsha Vandervort

Mack and Margaret Vann

Joanne Verburg

Ted Vimont

Ann Voris

Elizabeth Wachtel

Karen and James Wagers

Patricia and Donald Waggener

Guy Waldrop

Johnny and Kathy Walker

David and Kathleen Walker

Cecil and Pearl Walson

Mel and Mary Walton

Kate Ward

Sheron Ward

Mac and Pam Warford

Sharon Warner

Wayne and Norma Warren

Evelyn Watkins

Ken and Nancy Watson

Ann Watts

Chuck Waugaman

Dan and Nel Webster

Rich Weis and Barbara Rogers

Maryann Wellman

Robert and Nancy Welsh

Mary Vallie West

Gary and Linda West

Anthony and Georgia Westbrook

John and Ruth Weston

Jim and Rhonda Wheeler

Bill and Lois Whitehurst

Louise Whitworth

Kory Wilcoxson

Gay Williams

  1. O. Williams

Ruth Willis

Kathryn L. Wilson

Pat Wilson

Donald and Debbie Wilson

Frank Winchester

David and Ann Windley

Ruth and Arnett Winn

Steve Wood

Mae Wood

Lewis and Sondra Woodruff

Elizabeth Woodward

Sewell and Juanita Woodward

Sonny and Donna Wray

Johnny Wray

David and julie Wu

Ben Wyatt

Dolores Yilibuw

Jimmie and Kathleen Young

Richard and Peggy Ziglar

Terry and Cynthia Zimmerman

Dennis and Karen Zimmerman

Nancy Zink

Hal and Millicent Zug

Don and Elizabeth Zumwalt