DM 813 – Interpreting Contemporary Congregational Contexts

    Title of Textbook   Publisher Author Amazon Link
Textbook 1   Studying Congregations: A
New Handbook 1998 edition
  Abingdon Press Ammerman, Carroll, Dudley, and McKinney  Link
Textbook 2   Roots and Routes: Calling, Ministry, and the Power of Place   Abingdon Press Randy G Litchfield Link
Textbook 3   Ethnography As A Pastoral Practice: An Introduction   Pilgrim Press Mary Clark Moschella Link
Textbook 4   Church on the Edge of Somewhere: Ministry, Marginality, and the Future   Rowman & Littlefield Publishers George B. Thompson Jr. Link

♦ UPDATED: The textbooks listed above are finalized for the January 2022 Intensives