Community life at Lexington Theological Seminary is understood to enhance the mission of the institution. The following are various programs which enrich community life at the Seminary.

Chapel Services

The Seminary community assembles on Tuesdays for worship, followed by a fellowship lunch.  Faculty, staff, students, and speakers from off-campus contribute to these services.  At Lexington, we consider these gatherings to be the core of our time together.

Seminary Publications

The Lexington Theological Quarterly is issued four times each year. It contains lectures and sermons delivered in the Seminary community and scholarly papers prepared by the faculty, other scholars, and students.

The Bulletin is issued twice each year. It is distributed without charge to alumni/ae, churches, and friends to communicate the current activities and purposes of the Seminary.

Informal Student Groups

Students are encouraged to create informal structures to meet needs as they arise. A group meets each class morning for prayer. Others who meet regularly include fellowship and study groups and a pan-African caucus. Students form other groups throughout the year around topics of special interest.

Children’s Worship Center

The Children’s Worship Center is a facility for teaching the model of faith formation of children variously called “Godly Play” (Jerome Berryman), “Children and Worship” (Sonja Stewart), and “Children Worship & Wonder” (Christian Church [Disciples of Christ]).This approach is based on the Montessori education model and incorporates the learning of sacred stories through the use of sensory-motor objects. In addition to the learning of sacred stories, the model seeks to nurture spiritual formation through worship. The Children’s Worship Center is designed and equipped to be like the centers which churches would use in their own settings.

The training events in the Center are primarily led by trainers from Disciples Home Missions of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). In addition, the Center is available for use by other groups both for visitation and/or training. It is located in the basement of Mandrell Hall.

Visit Disciples Home Missions’ Family and Children Network.

LTS Contact Person: Sharon Warner, 859-252-0361,