Clergy Wellness Boundaries Courses – August 17, 2019 & August 24, 2019

The call to ordained ministry continues to be perceived by many as a blessed and consecrated call.  Traditionally recognized among Protestant congregations and denominations as a call to pastoral leadership, the call to ordained clergy ministry has broadened in scope and setting to include ministry in para-church and faith-based organizations, social/community agencies, health care institutions, and academic settings.  Women and men of all ages, educational backgrounds, employment histories, socio-cultural and linguistic backgrounds continue to hear and respond to the call to ordained ministry.

Irrespective of ministerial settings and in recognition of the need to equip clergy for ordained ministry, mainline Protestant denominations have historically emphasized preparing clergy for pastoral leadership in congregational settings.  Moreover, the tendency for theological education to adopt and cultivate a pastor-centric model for leading a congregation has often left clergy unprepared for meeting the myriad of challenges they will face as they lead congregations during times of heightened social, cultural and religious change.  Even the most seasoned clergy can find themselves ill-equipped to adaptively respond to these challenges that can have great impact on the congregational level.

The goal of this comprehensive course, Clergy Wellness: Cultivating Healthy Boundaries in Ministry, is to further equip clergy for pastoral leadership across diverse ministry settings.  Participants will explore through a live-streamed webinar the importance of healthy boundaries as an integral aspect of cultivating clergy wellness and congregational health.  In Part I:  Basics on Boundaries in Cultivating Healthy Boundaries in Ministry (August 17, 2019), the focus will be on identifying and understanding the development of boundaries and the role of healthy boundaries in cultivating clergy and congregational wellness.  Part II:  Special Topics in Cultivating Healthy Boundaries in Ministry (August 24, 2019), will address boundary violations in ministry such as clergy sexual misconduct, gender discrimination in ministry, and clergy burnout.  The course will also examine the establishment and maintenance of healthy boundaries within a range of ministry contexts.

Rev. Dr. Yvonne Martinez Thorne is founder and CEO of Cultivating Wholeness Counseling Associates where “caring for the whole person matters.” This faith-based practice, which includes specialized services for ordained clergy and lay leaders, provides secular and faith-based counseling and psychotherapy to adolescents, adults, couples and families of different faiths, races, and cultures.  This practice is located in Pennsylvania, and a second office will soon be opening in Florida.

Dr. Martinez Thorne served as consultant for Area Ministry and Communications for the Philadelphia Baptist Association. In this role, she provided executive and pastoral leadership to pastors and congregations that included strategic planning and strengthening of partnerships between congregations and the region. She also served in the areas of conflict resolution, crisis intervention and encouragement of congregational health and wellness. Her work with congregations included a whole-person approach to the development of pastoral and lay leaders, a commitment rooted in her belief that church renewal and the challenges facing the 21st Century Church require leaders who experience spiritual and psychological restoration at a deep level.

Dr. Martinez Thorne has served as adjunct faculty at seminaries in New Jersey and Kansas and as Assistant Professor of the Guidance and Counseling Program at Hunter College in New York.  She has provided executive leadership at a clergy career center in Missouri and a pastoral counseling center in New Jersey.

Dr. Martinez Thorne holds a Master of Divinity (M.Div.) from Palmer Theological Seminary and Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) from Columbia University. She is married to the Rev. Dr. Leo S. Thorne, former Associate General Secretary for Mission Resource Development for the American Baptist Churches USA.  

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