LTS Quarterly Vol. 44 Winter 2011 No. 3

♦ LTS Quarterly Copyright Page ♦ Cover Page ♦ Table of Contents and Editors Note   Introduction to More John W. McGarvey Outlines O. Wesley Allen and Jerry Sumney p.... Read More

LTS Quarterly Vol. 44 Summer 2011 No. 2

LTS Quarterly Copyright Page Cover Page Table of Contents and Editors Note John W. McGarvey Bill Paulsell p. 59 - 64 J. W. McGarvey as Preacher Wes Allen p. 65-66 A Selection of Sermon Outlines from John W. McGarvey Jerry Sumney and Wes Allen p. 67 -... Read More

Vol. XLIV, Winter 2011, No. 1

LTS Quarterly Copyright Page Cover Page Table of Contents Extending or Restricting the Covenant? Abraham and the People of God in Christian Tradition Anders Runesson p. 1 Letter to a Friend about Jesus as Savior, a Query for Disciples of Christ Bill Nottingham p. 17 Scripture as the Human Word of God: Why Faith Contradicts Inerrancy Christopher R. Hutson p. 25 Book Reviews p. 37 Books Received List p.... Read More

Vol. XLIII, Spring, Summer, Fall 2008, No. 1-4

This volume of the Quarterly is dedicated to completing the republication of Marian Duncan Adam’s book, A Flame of Fire. This important look at a Disciples mission experience was self-published by Ms. Adams in 1999, but never received the attention and circulation it deserves. Its publication here in the LTQ intends to make this work available to a wider range of readers and researchers. The first half of the book appears in the previous volume of the Quarterly. We thank Ms. Adams and her... Read More

Vol. XLII, No. 2-4, Summer, Fall, Winter 2007

Disciples Near the Roof of the World: A Guide to Marian L. Duncan‟s A Flame of the Fire DIANNE BAZELL. p.78 A Flame of the Fire MARIAN L. DUNCAN  Introduction p. 91 Prologue p. 102 In the Beginning...There was Light PETRUS and DR. SUSIE RIJNHART. p.106 Go Tell It on the Mountain DR. ALBERT AND FLORA SHELTON.   p.118   Go In, Not Out, Forward, Not Back JAMES AND MINNIE OGDEN.  p.122 I Walk This Lonesome Valley WILLIAM MOORE and NINA PALMER HARDY. ... Read More

Vol. XLI, Nos. 3&4, Fall & Winter 2006

Special Themed Issue: “Who Are the Disciples in the Twenty-first Century?” Contents Our Disciples Freedom WILLIAM O. PAULSEL.   p.185 Disciples and the Ecumenical Movement LISA W. DAVISON & WILLIAM O. PAULSEL.   p.193 Ministry on the Margins : Themes for Understanding Disciples Ministry STEVEN A. MONHOLLEN.   p.201 Disciples and Education LISA W. DAVISON.   p.215 Facing the Disciples Leadership Challenge on the Front Edge of the 21st Century R. ROBERT... Read More