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Sara Nave Fisher greets her husband, a military chaplain, with their children. Fisher is an M.Div. student working in a congregation in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. When Sara Nave Fisher gathers at the chancel with the children of First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Hopkinsville, Ky., or when she explains a Bible story to a Sunday School class, sits down to a Sunday evening meal with youth, prays with a worried parent, or the hundreds of other ways she carries out her work as Family... Read More

Ministry, in Many Ways

I write this knowing many of you, LTS alumni/ae have navigated your way through Lent and the celebration of Easter Sunday at your places of ministry. This is no small task, and I am grateful for your work. Many of you, too, are church lay leaders or work in parachurch ministries and organizations—regardless of your context, Spring in the life of the Church is a busy time. Much goodness comes from the busyness. So does fatigue! And so as you’re living into the Easter season, and... Read More

Something special: You!

Dear Friends, I recently attended a continuing education event encompassing development professionals from a wide array of not-for-profits and educational organizations. I was the only person there from a graduate level seminary, and as you can imagine, several folks in the class had questions about my work. They wanted to know what kind of seminary LTS is. I told them that it is one that welcomes all people. They wanted to know what we taught. I told them that LTS teaches the Bible, of... Read More

How Do You Heart LTS?

We’ve officially declared February 2016 the second annual I Heart LTS month – how quickly something can become a tradition! I Heart LTS is a social media driven campaign designed to spread the LTS love – and raise contributions to the Ministerial Education Fund. Last year, alumni and friends from across the nation participated, and it was quite a sight to see profile pictures, posts, tweets and photos of from folks declaring their love of and support for the Seminary. We’re ready to... Read More

What Will Your Legacy Be?

My grandmother, most every time I saw her, smelled of two things: the dirt from her plants or garden, and the flour from whatever she was making in the kitchen. Grandma was always tending something — a begonia, an angel food cake whipped up from scratch for company, whatever sewing project she was presently involved in – always, she was tending. Fixing. Making. Creating. One of the things she made like no one else was fried chicken. It was a simple recipe: chicken soaked in salt water... Read More

Celebrating a Culture of Call: First Christian Church, Medina, Ohio

October has long been celebrated as the Ministry Appreciation Month (with this week especially noted as "Week of the Ministry"), and many congregations take advantage of the month’s special designation by lifting up their pastors in various ways. Some hold “pastor appreciation” events; some honor their pastor with a special moment during a Sunday church service; some lift up the various ministries of their congregation in a significant way; some collect designated offerings for a seminary... Read More

Compound philanthropy

As I write this, September is upon us, and that means we’ve been in a new Ministerial Education Fund year for just about a month. I’m still in awe of how you all rose to the occasion for the 2015 MEF fund year, helping us reach 97 percent of our goal with gifts totaling well over $439,000. Thank you, every one, for the role you played, no matter how big or small, in reaching that gift total. We are so very grateful. I want to take this opportunity to be sure you know about our automatic... Read More

Every. Gift. Matters.

I received a phone call this week from a very recent LTS graduate. She wanted me to know that at her ordination, an offering had been taken up for the Ministerial Education Fund. She further wanted me to know that the offering was being made to MEF in memory of a former professor and in honor of a pastor and friend of the Seminary who had funded the student’s education. As I listened to her words of gratitude and her excitement over the offering being made to the MEF, I felt my own heart’s... Read More

Keslinn’s story

Greetings, friends of LTS, and thank you, as always, for taking the time to read this email and for the ongoing support you provide to the Seminary. I want to share with you these words from an LTS student who truly exemplifies the benefits and blessings of a theological education at LTS. Keslinn Kohfeld-Stout, who hails from California, writes: In 2012, I said yes to a call God had placed on my heart many years prior. I began searching for a way to live into that call, but I faced several... Read More

The church needs our students…

 Our students need LTS. And we need you. At last month’s Board of Trustees meeting at Lexington Theological Seminary, a list of graduates was approved for our 149th Commencement Ceremony, scheduled for June 19 at Crestwood Christian Church, Lexington, Ky. As I read the list of names—men and women who have answered a call to ministry via theological education at LTS, I found myself breathing a prayer of thanksgiving. These folks are committed. Excited. Energized. Ready to really get in... Read More