Auditing Courses

Anyone can audit courses at Lexington Theological Seminary.  Auditors can take as many courses as they choose, although class size may limit their options.  Persons who are interested in auditing one or more Seminary courses should contact Erin Cash, Director of Admissions:  LTS Alumni are eligible to audit courses at a rate of 50% of the audit fee.

Students wishing to take 12 or less credit hours  “for credit” will need to apply as a Special Student.  Special Students must complete the application and fee, submit transcripts, and provide 1 letter of recommendation.  In place of the essay, students may write a few sentences indicating their plans for coursework at Lexington Theological Seminary.

To be admitted as an auditor, a student must complete:

  • The online application form, with application fee.
  • No essay is required of auditors.
  • No references or transcripts are required of auditors.