Appendix K: Accountable Ministry Sites

Congregation Program at Lexington Theological Seminary

All Master of Divinity students are required to work at a Congregation through all three levels of the Master of Divinity program.  This part of the M.Div. curriculum is designed to expose students to the basic, various, and complex areas of ministry through direct observation and hands-on practice.  It is this exposure and competency rather than the perfection of the development of skills that is to occur through these years.  Through this experiential work the student learns about many parts of congregational and ministerial life.  This includes worship, administration, education, pastoral care, ministries new to the students, and ministries outside the walls of the congregational building.  Reflection upon these experiences occurs in the context of the student’s time with his/her Local Mentor and Ministry Support Committee.  The congregation program portion of the M.Div. program serves a key role in students’ developing sense of God’s call to ordained ministry.

Profile of an Accountable Congregation (Ministry Site)

  • A congregation with a minimum of 20-30 participating members
  • A congregation that is recognized within its denomination
  • A congregation in which the students works as a volunteer or paid employee a minimum of ten (10) hours a week
  • A congregation that officially (through the Board, Council, Session, Vestry or Elders and Congregation) agrees to be one of the following:  a Teaching Congregation or an Affiliated Congregation (see the distinction between Teaching and Affiliated Congregation in the Pastoral Leadership Program Guidelines)