Master of Divinity Degree (MDiv)

The Master of Divinity (MDiv) is a professional degree designed to help men and women preparing for Christian ministry and especially congregational ministry.  This degree is required for ordination by many denominations. The online and intensive residential degree provides flexibility and accessibility and can be completed in three years of full-time study combined with the practice of ministry.

Learning Goals

  1. Students will gain the skills and knowledge in the fields of Interpreting the Scripture for the Church, Interpreting the Past for the Church, Interpreting the Faith for the Church, and Interpreting the Behavior For the Church that are needed for effective ministry in the Christian community.
  2. Students will gain the skills and knowledge in the fields of Leading the Church in Worship (including preaching), Leading the Church Through Care, Leading the Church Through Formation, and Leading the Church Into Mission that are needed for effective ministry in the Christian community.
  3. Students will learn to think critically and creatively about the Christian faith, including how that thought affects their own theology and life of faith.
  4. Students will learn to appropriate the Gospel for their varying socio-cultural and ecclesial contexts.
  5. Students will learn to integrate the spiritual, intellectual, and practical aspects of ministry.

Curriculum Overview

The curriculum for the MDiv represents a significant turn in theological education.  The program interweaves important values for the spiritual, intellectual and practical formation of students for ministry:

  • a congregational-centered model of theological education
  • flexible and accessible to traditional as well as underserved ministry candidates
  • students are in an accountable ministry site throughout the degree
  • diverse preparation for ministry
  • competency-based, developmental education
  • teaching congregations and local mentors as key partners
  • emphasis on community building
Level I: Apprentice Level (500 Level Courses)
     Areas of Ministry
          Succeeding in Seminary (SIS)
          Interpreting the Scriptures for the Church (IS)
          Interpreting the Past for the Church (IP)
          Interpreting the Faith for the Church (IF)
          Interpreting the Behavior of the Church (IB)
          Leading the Church Through Care (LC)
          Leading the Church in Worship (LW)
          Leading the Church into Mission (LM)
          Leading the Church in Formation (LF)
Level II: Journeyer Level (600 Level Courses)
Level III: Master Level (Capstone Project)
Covenant Groups

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