9.0 Preparing for Graduation

9.1    Application for Conferring of Degree
9.2    Caps and Gowns
9.3    Graduation Costs and Fees
9.4    Students Seeking Ordination


9.1      Application for Conferring of Degree

Students who plan to graduate submit an Application for Conferring of Degree to the Registrar during February of the year in which graduation is planned.


9.2      Caps and Gowns

The Seminary arranges for provision of caps and gowns for graduates. The cost is part of the graduation fee. Students will be notified of procedures for ordering.


9.3      Graduation Costs and Fees

Students should plan ahead for the expenses of graduation. Each student will receive a statement from the Business Office itemizing the amounts due, including a graduation fee. Failure to pay outstanding financial obligations may prohibit graduation.


9.4      Students Seeking Ordination

Students who are pursuing ordination must seek the proper endorsement from the appropriate denominational agencies. For members of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), this means a regional committee or commission on ministry. Members of other denominations should consult their own ecclesiastical officials. In most cases, it is important to begin the process early and not wait until the last year of seminary study.