6.0 Relationships with Other Institutions

6.1    Hispanic Summer Program
6.2    Appalachian Ministries Educational Resource (AMERC)



6.1      Hispanic Summer Program

The Hispanic Summer Program (HSP) provides seminary students with an opportunity to study in a Hispanic setting, with Latina/o peers and professors. All sponsors are fully accredited members of the Association of Theological Schools. LTS students may take one HSP course per summer. Each course carries three semester hours of credit and is given by the institution sponsoring the program that summer. Except where otherwise indicated, courses are taught primarily in Spanish and students must be able to read materials in both Spanish and English. Students may do their academic work and participate in class discussions in either English or Spanish, as they prefer. There are limited courses available in English. Credit for courses taken in the HSP transfers to LTS as 600-level elective credit. For further details about the Hispanic Summer Program students may consult the HSP web site at www.hispanicsummerprogram.org, and/or consult the Dean.


6.2      Appalachian Ministries Educational Resource Center (AMERC)

The Appalachian Ministries Educational Resource Center is a consortium of more than thirty seminaries which has provided quality educational programs and learning experiences for seminarians and other religious leaders interested in ministry in Appalachia and other rural areas for many years.

  • The centerpiece of their programs has been in-depth, contextually based dialogue with local people engaged with regional issues and involved in creative ministries. Courses are generally available in January and during the summer.
  • Lexington Theological Seminary students apply for AMERC programs directly and transfer credit in to the LTS program as 600-level electives. Grades are used in the calculation of the GPA. Information can be obtained from the Dean’s Office or at http://www.amerc.org/.