Youth Ministry Panel Discussion

OF COURSE, YOUTH MINISTRY – BUT HOW? Join us for a Zoom conversation about building and sustaining a relevant Youth Ministry in your congregation. Three experts will share their experiences of the challenges and the joys of youth ministry and share what we can do to better support youth programming throughout the church. After the presentations, there will be a 20-minute Q&A session. Participants will then break into small groups with the task of designing a sustainable youth... Read More

Volume XLIX, 2019, No. 1-4

Table of Contents Creation as Sacred Space in the Exodus Narratives p. 1 Holy Ground (’Admat Qodesh): A Counter-Locative Claim on Sacred Space at the Burning  Bush p. 15 Why Centralization? p. 39 Embodiment, Liminality, and Intertextual Allusions: A Spatial Reading of the Jeroboam Narrative p. 57 The Sea as Everyday Space: (Psalms 104 and 107) p.... Read More