LTS Welcomes Dr. Grigoni

Lexington Theological Seminary is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Michael Remedios Grigoni as Visiting Assistant Professor of Theology and Roman Catholic Studies. This two-year appointment, effective Sept. 15, 2020, was made possible through a Postdoctoral Fellowship that Dr. Grigoni received from the Louisville Institute.

“LTS is pleased our partnership with the Louisville Institute allows us to be part of mentoring and nurturing Dr. Grigoni in his teaching and scholarship,” said Dr. Charisse L. Gillett, President of the Seminary. “We look forward to his contributions to this community of scholars, students, and pastoral leaders.”

As part of the Institute’s Vocation of the Theological Educator Initiative, the fellowship supports a two-year visiting professorship at a North American theological school, college or university. The postdoctoral fellows are accompanied by an academic and a pastoral mentor.

Dr. Edwin Aponte, Executive Director of the Louisville Institute, expressed his “deep gratitude” to the Lilly Endowment Inc., which provided a special grant to help create this appointment. “The Louisville Institute is thrilled to partner with Lexington Theological Seminary in the placement of Dr. Grigoni as a Louisville Postdoctoral Fellow,” he said. “As a theological educator, Dr. Grigoni recognizes the potential of theological ideas to shape the lived realities of everyday life. We look forward to the contributions he will make at LTS.”

Dr. Grigoni is completing his Ph.D. in Religion at Duke University with a major in Christian Theological Studies. He holds a Master’s in Theological Studies from Harvard Divinity School and a Master’s in Arts in Ethnomusicology from the University of Washington. He has served as Pastoral Assistant of Liturgy and Music at Church of the Assumption in Bellingham, WA. His research interests center on Christian ethics and political and ethnographic theology. His dissertation combines these interests to inquire about the place of guns in U.S. life. As a Roman Catholic and person of Mexican descent, Dr. Grigoni’s teaching interests also include ecclesiology, congregational studies, lived religion, and Latinx theology. He has taught at Duke University and the University of Washington.

“I am thrilled to be joining the Lexington Theological Seminary community,” Dr. Grigoni said. “It is a privilege to be a part of an institution that is ecumenical in orientation and that has been for many years on the forefront of reimagining theological education for our changing world. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to pursue my vocation as a teacher and scholar at LTS.”

Dr. Loida I. Martell, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean, noted the historic import of Grigoni’s appointment to LTS. “This is an affirmation of LTS’ commitment to ecumenical ties with the Diocese of Lexington and the Roman Catholic community,” she said. “His scholarship, perspectives, and spirituality will enrich all our students, as well as our faculty and staff.”

Dr. Grigoni is also a steel guitarist whose albums are available on ambient record label 12k. He lives in Durham, NC, with his wife and two children.