Dean’s Scholarship is a ‘magnificent blessing’

Scott Oliver

Lexington Theological Seminary Dean’s Scholarship recipient Scott Oliver’s path to ministry came by way of the classroom and creation. After graduating from Virginia Tech in 2007, he worked a high school government and history teacher, and for the past five years, he has worked as a certified horticulturist and landscape construction foreman in Evington, Va.

His newest roles are as the minister at Snow Creek Christian Church in Snow Creek, Va., and a student at LTS. The scholarship will cover 75 percent of his tuition for four years.

“As a recipient of the Dean’s Scholarship, I am both honored and humbled by this wonderful gift,” Oliver said.

The scholarship will help him to balance work as a full-time minister, his classes, and family life. Oliver and his wife, Laurie, a middle school math teacher, have two young sons under the age of 4. Prior to serving Snow Creek, their home congregation was Timberlake Christian Church in Lynchburg.

“This will allow me to better serve my church, family, and studies. I am extremely grateful for the benevolence of the scholarship committee and all those who have contributed to the creation of this scholarship. I will certainly strive to live up to the exceptional promise that this committee has seen in me, both as a student and minister. Again, thank you so much for this magnificent blessing,” Oliver said.