2019-20 Honor Roll of Givers

Dear members of the LTS community:

We are truly grateful. Thank you.

Your offerings are the backbone of the Ministerial Education Fund (MEF) and your giving over the years has led to the Seminary’s remarkable ability to help students.

As the end of the financial year nears, July 31, 2020 as well as the conclusion of the Infinite Table Campaign, we want to be sure that everyone who has so generously contributed to the 2019-20 MEF has been recorded.

To that end, this Bulletin includes a draft of our annual Honor Roll of Givers, and we’d appreciate if you make sure your name is listed correctly. If you’ve made a gift directly to LTS for the MEF since August 1, 2019, your name should be here. If you don’t find it, please let us know today!

If you have not had time to send your offering to LTS I’d be happy to talk to you about the various ways you can donate to the Ministerial Education Fund.  As you know, the MEF provides student scholarships that come directly from you. Every gift matters and allows us to maintain tuition at the same level since 2007. For all of you who make scholarships possible, we are so grateful.  If you haven’t made an offering this year, there’s still time. Donate by Friday, July 31st  and your offering will ensure your name is in the HONOR ROLL. 

Make your gift to the Ministerial Education Fund Today!

Please let me know if you have any questions. I welcome you to contact me directly via email at mblankenship@lextheo.edu, or contact Katherine Alexander at kalexander@lextheo.edu or Kathy Rountree at krountree@lextheo.edu. We may be reached by phone at (859) 252-0321 or toll-free (866) 296-6087.

With extraordinary gratitude,

Mark V. Blankenship

Office of Institutional Advancement

View the PDF or scroll below to search for your name:

ARev. and Mrs. Gary W. Mayes
Mr. and Mrs. Philip K. AdamsMs. Donna Mayes
Mrs. Carlene H. AdamsMr. and Mrs. Jack McAllister
Rev. Katherine AlexanderDr. William H. McConnell
Rev. Douglas A. AlexanderMr. Darryl R. McDaniel
Mrs. Ray AllenDr. and Mrs. William E. McDaniel
Mrs. Emily AllenRev. and Mrs. William H. McDonald
Dr. and Mrs. Robert T. AlmquistRev. and Mrs. Michael L. McElhinney
Rev. Donald W. ArterburnRev. and Mrs. Clyde H. McKee
Rev. and Mrs. Jack S. AustinRev. and Mrs. Donald R. McLaughlin
BRev. Petrae E. McLean and Dr. James M. McLean
Mrs. Laura BabbageMr. Mark A. McLean
Rev. and Mrs. Davis J. BabcockRev. Elizabeth G. McManis and Mr. Joe McManis
Dr. Barbara Bailey and Mr. Joey BaileyDr. Rebecca Z. McNeil
Ms. Roberta Brooke BakerMrs. Donna J. McWhirter
Mr. and Mrs. R. Michael BalesRev. Dr. Douglas J. Meister
Rev. V. Thomas BanksRev. and Mrs. Donald K. Mertz
Rev. E. Patricia BarbierDr. Thomas Minton and Rev. Barbara Minton
Rev. C. Wayne BarnettRev. and Mrs. H. Thomas Money
Rev. Raymond L. BarnettRev. Stephanie Moon
Mrs. Donna BarrRev. Rachel Moore
Mr. James Edward Bassett IIIDr. Robert E. Mooty
Ms. Vickie W. BatzkaRev. Dr. and Mrs. Peter M. Morgan
Dr. David W. BaughmanRev. and Mrs. William K. Morris III
Mrs. Diane P. BeidlerMrs. Peggy S. Moss
Mrs. Virginia Marsh BellMr. and Mrs. Robert Mucci
Rev. John H. BennettRev. Dr. Samuel J. Murray
Rev. Stephen S. BentleyN
Rev. Kristen P. Bentley and Mr. Perry BentleyRev. Amy Coleman Noble
Mrs. Ethel M. BinghamMrs. Karen D. Nolan
Mr. and Mrs. Mark V. BlankenshipMr. and Mrs. Jerry Norris
Mrs. LoAnn BlankenshipDr. Donald A. Nunnelly
Rev. Fay BlevinsO
Dr. and Mrs. David N. BlondellDr. and Rev. Odom-Groh
Dr. Ben BohrenDr. James S. Oglesby
Rev. Leigh Bond and Mrs. Ellen BondMr. and Mrs Greg Oglesby
Rev. and Mrs. Alan C. BoneRev. Dr. Lon Oliver and Rev. Maria De los Angeles Oliver
Rev. Stephanie BoughtonMr. William Oliver
Mr. and Mrs. William BrambletMs. Marianne S. Overley
Rev. and Mrs. Robert A. BrayP
Bruce BreedingRev. and Mrs. Lester D. Palmer
Esther BreedingRev. and Mr. Bob Parker
Mr. and Mrs. John C. BridwellDr. Sally A. Paulsell
Rev. and Mrs. Stephen J. BrockDr. Albert M. Pennybacker
Dr. and Mrs. John R. BrowningRev. and Mrs. Robert D. Penrod
Mrs. Patricia BuckmasterMs. Martha Peterson and Mr. Brett Spear
CMs. Barbara E. Pfeifle
Rev. LaMarco CableMrs. Barbara Plinke
Mr. and Rev. Tom CameronRev. Dr. Bennett Poage
Mr. and Mrs. John A. CarpenterMrs. Vesta Porter
Rev. and Mrs. Philip W. CaseMrs. James Powell
Dr. Larry L. ChambersMs. Janet Prewitt
Ms. Rachel ChildressRev. Cynthia A. Priem
Mrs. Ellen ClevelandMs. Nancy Prillaman
Mr. and Mrs. Manuel CollazoRev. Joseph Pusateri
Mr. and Mrs. Ron ComptonR
Mrs. Eleanor T. CongletonRev. W. Robert Raiford Jr.
Dr. Ronda S. ConnawayDr. Margaret Ralph and Dr. Donald E. Ralph
Rev. Phillip D. CookRev. Vicki and Mr. Herb Ray
Dr. and Mrs. V. David CooperRev. Dr. Russell R. Rechenbach
Mr. and Mrs. Frank CorumRev. Karen J. Rector
Rev. Julia CoryRev. and Mrs. Luther Redmon
Ms. Karen CoteRev. Kerry J. Reed
Mrs. Mary Blanton CottonMr. John A. Reed
Drs. Ken and Jan CottrellRev. Betty Reneau
Rev. Kenneth CoyRev. and Mrs. Oren N. Reneau
Rev. Carolyn CubbedgeDr. and Mrs. Lester A. Ringham
Dr. and Mrs. R. Robert CueniMrs. Forrest Roberts
Rev. William A. Curwood and Rev. Linda L. CurwoodMr. and Mrs. Jake Rogiers
DRev. and Mrs. Richard H. Roland
Mrs. Nancy DafferMr. Daniel A. Roller and Ms. Adele Dickerson
Rev. Robert L. Dailey and Rev. Leila A. DaileyMr. and Mrs. David W. Rowden
Rev. John and Mrs. Kris DavidsonMs. Jenny Russell
Rev. Kenneth G. DeanRev. William S. Ryan and Rev. Narka K. Ryan
Mrs. Eleanor DemusS
Rev. Carol DevineRev. and Mrs. Loren Neil Sallee
Ms. Adele Dickerson and Mr. Dan RollerRev. and Mrs. C. William Schiphorst
Ms. Rebecca DickinsonMrs. Mary Dudley Seale
Rev. Steve Doan and Rev. Donna DoanMr. Paul Semisch
Mr. James R. DorseyRev. Margaret Shanks
Dr. Sharyn E. DowdDr. and Mrs. David W. Sharrard
Mrs. John T. DuncanDr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Shepard
Mr. Cecil F. DunnMr. and Mrs. Don Sherman
Mr. and Mrs. Terry A. DunnavantRev. and Mrs. Thomas Shifflet
Mr. and Mrs. L. Leon Durham Jr.Rev. Rob Shrader
ERev. Robert Silvanik
Dr. Jack J. EarlyDr. John L. Sims
Mr. Curt and Rev. Janet EhrmantrautRev. and Mrs. Ron Sinclair
Rev. James B. ElliottMr. and Mrs. Victor Singer
Mr. Kurt R. EllisDr. Billy N. Siress
Rev. David Ellis and Mr. William WestRev. Larry Sivis and Mrs. Debbie Sivis
Mrs. Rowena ElswickDr. and Mrs. Richard D. Skinner
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Evans Jr.Dr. John R. Smith
Rev. and Mrs. J. Kenneth EvansMr. and Mrs. Robert H. Smith II
FRev. Henry A. Sneed Jr.
Ms. Velma Y. FanslerDr. and Mrs. Jack L. Snellgrove
Rev. Faye FeltnerRev. Edd W. and Mary Pat Spencer
Rev. Sharon B. FieldsMs. Frances Stanley
Rev. William L. ForesterDr. and Mrs. Robert S. Stauffer
Mr. and Mrs. Brad FountainRev. and Mrs. James C. Steele III
Mr. and Mrs. Newton B. Fowler IIIRev. Eydie L. Stephens and Mr. Steve Stephens
Rev. Robert M. FranzRev. Mike Stump
Mr. Ralph French and Rev. Dixie S. FrenchRev. Dr. Jack Sullivan Jr.
Mrs. Jodi FullerMr. and Mrs. James E. Sullivan
Mrs. Carolyn J. FullerRev. Jackie Meece Summers and Rev. Jim Summers
GMrs. Joyce Swords
Rev. Susan GabbardDr. Calvin H. Sydnor III
Dr. Reginald Eugene GentryT
Mr. Ron and Mrs. Leslie L. GeogheganRev. Ralph E. Tamper
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas C. GibsonMr. and Mrs. John Thompson
Dr. Charisse L. Gillett and Rev. Dr. Donald K. GillettDr. E. Ray Throckmorton
Dr. A. S. Ginn and Rev. Sharon H. GinnRev. Lisa Tolliver
Rev. Ronald C. Greene and Ms. Ruth A. FletcherRev. James H. Trader II
Rev. Anne Elizabeth GregoryRev. and Mrs. Jim Trader
Mr. Gerald L. GregoryMr. Justin M. Trewolla
Mr. and Mrs. John GretzMr. Raymond J. Trout
Dr. J. Howard GriffithU
Mr. James M. GrovesRev. Dr. Olivia Bryan Updegrove
Dr. and Mrs. Larry A. GrundenV
Mr. and Mrs. GundryRevs. Steve and Jean Vandergrift
Mr. Wilbur G. Hamlin and Rev. Sylvia HamlinDr. A. Guy Waldrop
Mrs. Mary Haylee HancockMr. and Mrs. David L. Walker III
Rev. and Mrs. Richard B. HannaMr. and Mrs. Cecil Walson
Dr. and Mrs. Henry M. HannaRev. and Mrs. C. W. Walther
Mr. and Mrs. Rick HarperMrs. Nancy W. Walton
Dr. and Mrs. John B. HartRev. Melvin J. Walton
Rev. Jean Hawxhurst and Mr. Jerry CappelRev. and Mrs. Wayne A. Warren
Dr. Margaret J. HickmanMrs. Evelyn N. Watkins
Rev. Marilyn W. HollowayDr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Watson
Rev. and Mrs. Joe HoodRev. Charles D. Waugaman
Ms. Erica Lynn HornMrs. Yvonne Weaver
Ms. Jami HornbuckleRev. and Mrs. Daniel R. Webster
Rev. and Mrs. Rexford L. HorneDr. Richard D. Weis and Ms. Barbara Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie G. HughesMs. Maryann Wellman
Mrs. Palina HurstDr. Robert K. Welsh
Dr. David P. HyattMr. William West and Rev. David Ellis
IRev. and Mrs. H. W. Westbrook
Mr. Joseph Thomas IsherwoodRev. Anthony W. Westbrook
JRev. James M. Wheeler
Dr. Alvin O. JacksonDr. and Mrs. C. Noel White
Ms. Sharon Jackson-PinchamRev. Kory Wilcoxson
Ms. Barbara JeffriesBobby R. Williams
Rev. and Mrs. Max R. JenkinsMr. J. O. Williams
Dr. James D. JohnsonDr. and Mrs. Donald R. Wilson
Rev. Donald B. JohnsonRev. Kathryn L. Wilson
Mrs. Mary Elizabeth JohnsonMrs. Dede Wilson
Mrs. Mary Ellen JohnstonRev. Samilla D. Wilson
Dr. Ray Jones Jr.Mrs. Ruth Winn
KMr. Steve D. Wood
Ms. Evelyn B KemperMr. and Mrs. Lewis Woodruff
Mrs. Faye KerrMr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Woods
Mr. Robert J. KintnerDr. Sewell Woodward Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. William D. KirklandRev. Elizabeth A. Woodward
LDr. and Mrs. James M. Wray Jr.
Rev. and Mrs. Gerald D. Lang Jr.Rev. Johnny W. Wray
Mr. and Mrs. Warren LansingY
Mrs. Eva N. LaRueDr. and Mrs. John Joseph Yonker
Rev. and Mrs. Richard A. LasloMr. and Mrs. James Young
Mrs. LileZ
Dr. and Mrs. Edwin C. LinbergRev. Rebecca C. Zelensky and Mr. Jeff Zelensky
Mr. and Mrs. Bill LivesayRev. and Mrs. Richard V. Ziglar
Dr. and Mrs. Peter F. LoaderRev. and Mrs. Terry L. Zimmerman
Rev. Douglas N. LoftonRev. and Mrs. Donald G. Zumwalt
Rev. and Mrs. Sotello Vonzell Long
Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Lowman II
Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne A. Mabry
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Madden
Mr. Richard H. Mains
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Mains Jr.
Mrs. Eleanor B. Manning
Mrs. Virginia C. Marshall
Dr. Loida I Martell
Revs. Kathryn Matthews and Jackie Cassara