Can You Feel a Brand New Day?

Tanya Tyler, Communications Director

In the movie The Wiz (based on The Wizard of Oz), when the wicked witch is vanquished at last, the inhabitants of Oz break into a joyful song: “Can you feel a brand new day? Can you feel a brand new day?” At this time of year, we sing joyful songs of our own. “Gloria in excelsis deo! Christ is born in Bethlehem! Go tell it on the mountain! God’s love made visible!” It’s a brand new day. And so we sing. We sing because we are not celebrating a death. We are celebrating life abundant and full, life that is good here and now – life forever. We are celebrating a precious gift from God that we accept with eager yet humble hearts – a gift of great love and great responsibility. An unmatched gift that we can never thank God enough for. The gift of a brand new day and a brand new Way. Can you feel it?

Gifting God, we give You a gift – all our praise and glory for this matchless gift of love You have given to us. May we live in the wonder of Advent and Christmas always, not just during one period of the year. Hear us as we lift our voices and sing to you, “Hosanna in the highest!” Amen.