Advent Moment: Mom’s Favorite Quote

Tanya Tyler, Communications Director

My mother was quite the one for pithy quotes. Most of the time her quotes were succinct and appropriate, but sometimes they weren’t very helpful. For instance, one of her favorite things to say was, “It won’t be as long as it has been.” She would use that quote to try to soothe me as I was climbing the walls and chafing at the bit to go back to college after summer break. Now, when you’re a teenager/young adult, that kind of quote is not soothing at all. It only increased my antsiness and made me grab my hair in an effort to show my frustration by tearing it out. But when you get older and hopefully more mellow, you come to realize, hey, there’s a lot of wisdom in those words. Yes, as time seeps by, it seems to go s-o-o-o slowly. But each day you get closer to your goal. Each day is one less day you have to wait. It really won’t be as long as it has been. My mother was right. And God is right, too. “The days are surely coming,” says the Lord, “when the waiting will be over.” And believe God when God says there is something marvelous in store for us. When it gets here, we’ll know it was worth the wait.

God of Many Marvels, as we watch and wait, keep us calm and hopeful. Although we cannot imagine the wonderful world You have designed for us, we trust that it will be realized in Your own way and in Your own time. And it will be worth the wait! Amen