2018-19 Honor Roll of Givers

We are grateful for the many generous gifts the Seminary receives each year from Trustees, alumni, friends and congregations.  The following list of individuals are those who have made a gift between August 1, 2018 and May 31, 2019 to the Ministerial Education Fund.  Please note how your name is listed and let us know if you prefer it another way.  Also, if you have made a gift and do not find your name listed please contact us so we may investigate the omission. 

View the PDF or scroll below to search for your name:

ARev. and Mrs. Gary W. Mayes
Mrs. Carlene H. AdamsRev. Cynthia McBride
Mr. and Mrs. Philip K. AdamsDr. William H. McConnell
Mrs. Deena AinslieRev. and Mrs. William H. McDonald
Rev. Greg AlexanderRev. and Mrs. Clyde H. McKee
Mrs. Ray AllenRev. and Mrs. Donald R. McLaughlin
Rev. Thaddaeus Burwell Allen
Dr. James M. McLean and Rev. Petrae E. McLean
Rev. Donald W. ArterburnRev. Elizabeth G. McManis and Mr. Joe McManis
Rev. and Mrs. Jack S. AustinDr. Rebecca Z. McNeil
BRev. and Mrs. Donald K. Mertz
Rev. and Mrs. Davis J. BabcockRev. and Mrs. H. Thomas Money
Dr. Barbara Bailey and Mr. Joey BaileyDr. and Mrs. Alan T. Mong
Mr. and Mrs. R. Michael BalesRev. Steven Monhollen
Rev. Katherine BallRev. Rachel Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Todd BallDr. Robert E. Mooty
Rev. V. Thomas BanksRev. Dr. and Mrs. Peter M. Morgan
Rev. E. Patricia BarbierMrs. Ann F. Morris
Rev. and Mrs. Bruce A. BarkhauerRev. and Mrs. William K. Morris III
Rev. C. Wayne BarnettN
Mrs. Donna BarrRev. Louis A. Newby
Ms. Vickie W. BatzkaRev. Amy Coleman Noble
Mrs. Diane P. BeidlerMrs. Karen D. Nolan
Mrs. Virginia Marsh BellMr. and Mrs. Jerry Norris
Rev. John H. BennettDr. and Mrs. Donald A. Nunnelly
Rev. Kristen P. Bentley and Mr. Perry BentleyDr. and Rev. Odom-Groh
Rev. Stephen S. BentleyO
Mrs. LoAnn BlankenshipMs. Connie Oliver
Mr. and Mrs. Mark V. BlankenshipRev. Dr. Lon Oliver & Rev. Maria De los Angeles Oliver
Dr. and Mrs. David N. BlondellMr. William Oliver
Rev. and Mrs. Leigh BondP
Rev. and Mrs. Alan C. BoneRev. and Mr. Bob Parker
Rev. Stephanie BoughtonMs. Barbara E. Pfeifle
Mr. and Mrs. William BrambletRev. Dr. Bennett Poage
Rev. and Mrs. Bruce A. BreedingRev. Cynthia A. Priem
Mr. and Mrs. John C. BridwellRev. Joseph Pusateri
Dr. John B. BridwellR
Rev. and Mrs. Stephen J. BrockRev. W. Robert Raiford Jr.
Mrs. Susan BrownRev. Katherine Raley
Rev. William BrownDr. Margaret Ralph and Dr. Donald E. Ralph
Dr. and Mrs. John R. BrowningRev. Vicki and Mr. Herb Ray
Mr and Mrs. John D. BrowningRev. and Mrs. Luther Redmon
CMr. John A. Reed
Mr. and Mrs. John A. CarpenterRev. Kerry J. Reed
Rev. and Mrs. Philip W. CaseRev. Mary Baber Reed
Dr. and Mrs. David Robert ChanceMr. Samuel G. Reel, Jr.
Mrs. Linda ChevertonRev. and Mrs. Oren N. Reneau
Ms. Rachel ChildressMr. David Richard
Dr. and Mrs. Charles E. CleaverRev. Julie Richardson
Mr. and Mrs. Manuel CollazoRev. and Mrs. Donald L. Richardson
Dr. and Mrs. V. David CooperMr. Harry T. and Carolyn Richart
Mr. and Mrs. Frank CorumMr. Kevin Roberts
Drs. Ken and Jan CottrellMrs. Forrest Roberts
Mrs. Sue Ann CowgillRev. Sally A. Robinson
Dr. and Mrs. R. Robert CueniRev. Irma Rodriguez
Rev. William A. Curwood and Rev. Linda L. CurwoodS
DRev. and Mrs. Loren Neil Sallee
Mr. John & Mrs. Sharla DavidsonDr. and Mrs. LaRay V. Salsberry
Mrs. Patricia DavisRev. and Mrs. C. William Schiphorst
Rev. Carol DevineMrs. Mary Dudley Seale
Dr. Sharyn E. DowdRev. Katie Sexton
Mrs. John T. DuncanDr. and Mrs. David W. Sharrard
Mr. and Mrs. L. Leon Durham Jr.Dr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Shepard
ERev. Rob Shrader
Kristy and Jeffrey EhlertRev. Robert Silvanik
Mr. Curt and Rev. Janet EhrmantrautMr. and Mrs. Victor Singer
Rev. David Ellis and Mr. William WestRev. Larry Sivis and Mrs. Debbie Sivis
Mr. Kurt R. EllisDr. and Mrs. John R. Smith
FMr. and Mrs. Nathan S. Smith
Rev. Sharon B. FieldsRev. Molly and Mr. Leon Smothers
Rev. Sara Nave FisherDr. and Mrs. Jack L. Snellgrove
Rev. William L. ForesterRev. William Spangler
Mr. and Mrs. Brad FountainRev. Edd W. and Mary Pat Spencer
Mr. James FritzDr. and Mrs. Robert S. Stauffer
GRev. and Mrs. James C. Steele III
Rev. Dr. Frances H. GayMr. and Mrs. Layton Stump
Dr. Reginald Eugene GentryRev. Dr. Jack Sullivan Jr.
Mr. Ron and Mrs. Leslie L. GeogheganMr. and Mrs. James E. Sullivan
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas C. GibsonRev. Jackie Meece Summers and Rev. Jim Summers
Dr. Charisse L. Gillett and Rev. Dr. Donald K. GillettThe Very Rev. Dr. Ronald W. Summers
Dr. A. S. Ginn and Rev. Sharon H. GinnMr. William D. Sutherland
Rev. Ronald C. Greene and Ms. Ruth A. FletcherDr. Calvin H. Sydnor III
Rev. Anne Elizabeth GregoryT
Mr. Gerald L. GregoryRev. Ralph E. Tamper
Rick and Mary Beth GriffithRev. Dr. Marilyn R. Taylor
Dr. and Mrs. Larry A. GrundenMr. and Mrs. John Thompson
HDr. E. Ray Throckmorton
Rev. and Mrs. D. Jack HamiltonRev. James H. Trader II
Mr. Wilbur G. Hamlin and Rev. Sylvia HamlinRev. and Mrs. Jim Trader
Dr. and Mrs. Henry M. HannaMr. and Mrs. Michael Troop
Mr. and Mrs. Rick HarperMr. Raymond J. Trout
Dr. and Mrs. John B. HartU
Rev. Jean Hawxhurst and Mr. Jerry CappelRev. William C. Underwood
Dr. and Mrs. Walter A. HehlV
Dr. Margaret J. HickmanRev. Donna J. Vande Kieft
Dr. and Mrs. Herbert R. HicksRevs. Steve and Jean Vandergrift
Rev. Charles B. HighfieldChap. John Von Almen and Rev. Marsha Von Almen
Mrs. Estel M. HobbsW
Rev. and Mrs. Ken HopkinsJames and Karen Wagers
Ms. Jami HornbuckleDr. A. Guy Waldrop
Rev. and Mrs. Rexford L. HorneMr. and Mrs. David L. Walker III
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie G. HughesMr. and Mrs. Cecil Walson
Mrs. Palina HurstRev. and Mrs. C. W. Walther
JMrs. Nancy W. Walton
Rev. Larry L. Jackson and Rev. Cheryl P. JacksonRev. and Mrs. Wayne A. Warren
Ms. Barbara JeffriesMrs. Evelyn N. Watkins
Rev. Dr. Gerald R. Johns Jr.Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Watson
Mr. and Mrs. Walter A. Johnson Jr.Rev. Charles D. Waugaman
Dr. and Mrs. James P. JohnsonMrs. Yvonne Weaver
Dr. James D. JohnsonRev. and Mrs. Daniel R. Webster
Rev. Linda J. JonesDr. Richard D. Weis and Ms. Barbara Rogers
Dr. Ray Jones Jr.Ms. Maryann Wellman
Drs. Rachel and Bruce JulianDr. Robert K. Welsh
KRev. Anthony W. Westbrook
Mr. Robert J. KintnerRev. James M. Wheeler
Mr. and Mrs. William D. KirklandRev. Kory Wilcoxson
LRev. Kathryn L. Wilson
Rev. and Mrs. Gerald D. Lang Jr.Rev. Samilla D. Wilson
Rev. and Mrs. Richard A. LasloMr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Woods
Dr. and Mrs. Edwin C. LinbergRev. Elizabeth A. Woodward
Dr. and Mrs. Peter F. LoaderRev. Johnny W. Wray
Rev. Douglas N. LoftonDr. and Mrs. James M. Wray Jr.
Rev. and Mrs. Sotello Vonzell LongY
Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Lowman IIDr. and Mrs. John Joseph Yonker
MMr. and Mrs. James Young
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas H. MaddenZ
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Mains Jr.Rev. Rebecca C. Zelensky and Mr. Jeff Zelensky
Dr. Loida I. MartellRev. and Mrs. Richard V. Ziglar
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. MattewsRev. Dennis R. Zimmerman
Dr. Jeannie May and Mr. John MayRev. and Mrs. Donald G. Zumwalt