Upcoming Webinar: Welcoming the Stranger

Kentucky Refugee Ministries, the refugee crisis, and how community support from volunteers and faith-based organizations makes an impact

When: October 21
Where:  Online
Time:  1:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. EDT

As an example of the church’s involvement with refugee resettlement, Kentucky Refugee Ministries’ historic congregational support will be examined, with some reflections on the ecumenical and interfaith aspects of church co-sponsorship of refugee families. In this webinar, we’ll underline the alignment of Christian injunctions to welcome the stranger and love all people made in God’s image with bedrock American civic values of inclusion, equality under the law, and religious tolerance.

John Koehlinger is Executive Director of Kentucky Refugee Ministries, Inc., the largest refugee resettlement agency in Kentucky and a local affiliate of Church World Service and Episcopal Migration Ministries. The agency resettles more than 1,000 refugees and immigrants a year.

On-site or online: $10 per log-in
(no limit to the number of participants)
Register at www.lextheo.edu/webinar-series

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