Vol. XLVI Spring and Summer 2016

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Table of Contents and Editors Note

Stone-Campbell Dialogue (1999-2016): A Dialogue of Hope
Douglas A. Foster and Robert K. Welsh
p. 1-8

What We Might Have Done Differently in the Past
Douglas A. Foster
p. 9-14

What We Might Have Done Differently in the Past
D. Newell Williams
p. 15-20

What Could We Have Done Differently
Henry Webb
p. 21-30

Celebrating points of Consensus
Peter Morgan
p. 31-38

Confession of Sin and Affirmation of Faith: An invitation from the Stone-Campbell Dialogue
Stone-Campbell Dialogue Group
p. 39-42

Our Unity in Christ: From Cane Ridge to Kansas City
D. Newell Williams
p. 43-52

Unity in the Perspective of the Christian Churches/Churches of Christ
James B. North
p. 53-62

Unity in the Churches of Christ: An Historical Perspective
Michael C. Armour
p. 63-68

How Disciples Interpret the Bible
M. Eugene Boring
p. 69-86