Vol. XLVI Fall and Winter 2016

LTS Quarterly Copyright Page
Table of Contents and Editors Note

The Nature of Christian Unity: Historical Understanding of Churches of Christ
Douglas A. Foster
p. 87-98

Model of Unity – What Model of Unity Should We Accept
John Mills
p. 99-108

Model of Unity – A Changing Landscape
Robert K. Welsh
p. 109-114

Churches of Christ and the Lord’s Supper: Twentieth Century Perspectives
John Mark Hicks
p. 115-132

Disciples and the Lord’s Supper
James Duke
p. 133-144

Spiritually Feeding, Mutually Indwelling: A Sacramental Interpretation of John 6:51c-58 for the Churches of the Stone-Campbell Movement
Paul Blowers
p. 145-158

Missions in the Churches of Christ: Trends in Theology and Strategy
Monty Cox
p. 159-172

Missions Mid-Stream
Doug Priest
p. 173-182

Disciples Engagement in God’s Mission
David A. Vargas
p. 183-192

13 Propositions: How Do Churches of Christ Understand and Reclaim the Declaration and Address Today
Carol Gafford
p. 193-198

Disciples and the Declaration and Address
Peter Morgan
p. 199-204

The Holy Spirit and Unity
John Mark Hicks
p. 205-218

Response to John Mark Hicks
Andy Mangum
p. 219-223