Show some love! It’s ‘I Heart LTS’ Month!

We’ve officially declared February 2017 the third annual I Heart LTS month.

I Heart LTS is a social media driven campaign designed to spread the LTS love – and raise contributions to the Ministerial Education Fund. We love to see how alumni and friends from across the nation participate, with profile pictures, posts, tweets and photos of from folks declaring their love of and support for the Seminary. We’re ready to do it again!

And we need YOUR help! During the month of February:

LTS FB profile pic Feb 2016

LTS Facebook profile picture

* Change your Facebook or Twitter profile picture or cover photo to one of the I Heart LTS images on this page. To save them to your computer, right click the image you want to use and choose “save image as … .”

* Use the hashtag #IHeartLTS on Facebook and/or Twitter as you post a photo or share on your own Facebook page or the Seminary’s FB page, a few words about why you heart LTS.

* Host a Heart Gathering – Gather up LTS alumni and friends in geographical proximity to you–meet up at a coffee shop or someone’s home, post or tweet a hash-tagged picture, and let us know why you all, together, heart LTS!

* A Gift from the Heart – Make a gift to LTS, online, via check or phone it in. We are grateful for every gift we receive here at the Seminary. Every single one counts, and no gift is too small. We welcome one from you in celebration why you heart LTS. Donate I Heart LTS!

* A Heart-full Gift in Tribute of someone special – after all, it is February!

* Pray for the Seminary, and its faculty, staff and students, as forge ahead into this new calendar year and all it will hold.

So there it is. February, 2017. #IHeartLTS Join us! We can’t wait to hear from you!

I heart LTS timeline_2016

LTS cover photo

I heart LTS markerboard_2016

I Heart LTS sign — save it, print it, fill in the blank and send us a photo of yourself showing why you love LTS!