Flourishing in Ministry Webinar Jan. 10

How can ministers nurture a healthy well-being in ministry? If this question hits close to home for you, you’ll want to join us Tuesday, Jan. 10, 1:30-3:30 p.m. EST for this insightful webinar led by Dr. Matt Bloom.

Discover how to have a healthy, meaningful, and rewarding ministry. The Flourishing in Ministry Project, directed by Dr. Bloom, has studied over a thousand clergy and hundreds of clergy spouses in eight denominations to identify the characteristics and practices that promote clergy well-being.

In this webinar Dr. Bloom will offer research-based insight into what clergy and pastoral well-being looks and feels like, how this may change over the life-span, and especially how to nurture your own healthy well-being in ministry.

Sign up online: https://www.lextheo.edu/webinar-series/