Fall Lay School of Theology

Reading the Bible As It Was Meant to Be Read
October 8, 15, 22 – 9 a.m. to noon
SumneyJerryPresented by Dr. Jerry Sumney, Professor of Biblical Studies, Lexington Theological Seminary

The Bible sometimes reads like a foreign text – because it is! Its books were written to people who lived in cultures quite different than ours. This study will help you understand the various kinds of writing which the Bible contains. You will learn about the narratives of the Hebrew Bible, the Prophets, the New Testament Gospels, the Letters, and – yes – the Book of Revelation!

From the opening chapters of Genesis to Paul’s texts about the role of women in the church, this series will help you rediscover the Bible as a useful guide to your faith.

Attend in person at Lexington Theological Seminary, 230 Lexington Green, Suite 300, Lexington, KY 40503 or online.
*Please plan to attend all classes, as each lesson builds upon the preceding one.

Registration Fee: $60
Register Online: www.lextheo.edu/lay-school-of-theology/