Remembering Dr. Barr

We extend our sincerest sympathies to the family and friends of Rev. Dr. William Barr, who passed away last Friday morning following a devastating stroke. Dr. Barr served Lexington Theological Seminary as Professor of Theology. Bill Barr is responsible for raising up hundreds of pastors as preachers, teachers and interpreters of faith and scripture. Instructing, encouraging, challenging and blessing those who would serve God in the church was the ministry of this kind soul. Many lives were transformed by the time spent in his classroom and in his company. Faculty and Staff at LTS each wore many hats in the Seminary community including various posts on campus and serving as interim pastors in student churches between semesters. Dr. Barr was a trusted academic advisor, colleague and friend to many. He and his wife Donna retired to Florida, maintaining his ministerial standing, and serving as active members of our Melbourne, First Christian Church where Rev. Kent Dorsey is Interim Minister.

A memorial service for Dr. Barr is scheduled for Saturday, August 13th at 11 a.m. at First Christian Church Melbourne, 2010 South Babcock Street. Following the service of memory and hope, we will inter his cremains in the Memorial Garden next to the Sanctuary. A reception will follow in Fellowship Hall.

Notes may be sent to Donna Barr at:
2235 Chinaberry Circle SE, Palm Bay, FL 32909