Something special: You!

Dear Friends,

I recently attended a continuing education event encompassing development professionals from a wide array of not-for-profits and educational organizations. I was the only person there from a graduate level seminary, and as you can imagine, several folks in the class had questions about my work. They wanted to know what kind of seminary LTS is. I told them that it is one that welcomes all people. They wanted to know what we taught. I told them that LTS teaches the Bible, of course, and theology and church leadership and worship design. They wanted to know why we need financial resources. I told them about our students – about Andrew and Sarah and Brooke and so many others who are able to pursue a call to ministry because LTS makes our M. Div. degree as affordable as possible.

And then they asked, “Who are your donors?” I smiled, and told them that we have one of the strongest records of consistent alumni giving across the Association of Theological Schools. And I made sure they knew how proud I am of this. And then I added, “Plus, we have some enormously generous lay leaders in the church, and various congregations, who believe in what we do and want to support it.”

And then I breathed an inward prayer of thanks for all of you who make what we do possible. No matter your reason, no matter how much your gift. It matters. We need you. Our students need you.

I want to be sure you are all aware that we can easily arrange monthly giving here at the Seminary. I have found that in my own personal giving to LTS that I am able to give more when I schedule a monthly deduction from my paycheck; as it accrues over the course of the year, I find at year’s end that I’ve given much more than I could have if I’d just written one check, at one time. If this sounds like something that might work for you, please be in touch. I can be reached at, and I’d love to talk to you about the options for monthly giving to the Ministerial Education Fund.

Thank you, again, for your care and support of LTS. As always, I am available for conversation and questions with and from any of you.



M. Div. 2002 and Advancement Associate