How Do You Heart LTS?

We’ve officially declared February 2016 the second annual I Heart LTS month – how quickly something can become a tradition! I Heart LTS is a social media driven campaign designed to spread the LTS love – and raise contributions to the Ministerial Education Fund. Last year, alumni and friends from across the nation participated, and it was quite a sight to see profile pictures, posts, tweets and photos of from folks declaring their love of and support for the Seminary. We’re ready to... Read More

Hopes for the Year

I start a new year like a runner lacing up her squeaky new shoes for a test-run around the block. Don’t put too much pressure on the idea of an immediate transformation; I know I won’t be marathon ready yet. But perhaps this fresh start - this sense of unknown, uncharted territory - can be a major player in the ongoing journey of becoming fully me. Six years ago, a week before Christmas, I stood on what seemed like the starting line: the steps of University Christian Church in Fort... Read More