Every. Gift. Matters.

I received a phone call this week from a very recent LTS graduate. She wanted me to know that at her ordination, an offering had been taken up for the Ministerial Education Fund. She further wanted me to know that the offering was being made to MEF in memory of a former professor and in honor of a pastor and friend of the Seminary who had funded the student’s education. As I listened to her words of gratitude and her excitement over the offering being made to the MEF, I felt my own heart’s gratitude swell.

This. This is why we do this work. This is why we ask for donors to MEF – so that moments like this can happen and knowing that eventually, such moments further the Gospel and make more whole the realm of God.

The Ministerial Education Fund has been responsible for the theological education of countless students over the years—students like the one who called me this morning, who are so in love with the Church and so willing to serve and lead God’s people, that you can’t help but be filled with hope when you hear their voices, know their stories, and see what’s possible in their ministries.

This year’s Ministerial Education Fund goal is $450,000, and while we’re well on our way to that goal, we aren’t there yet. Between the writing of this eBulletin and the end of our fiscal year (July 31), we’ve got some work to do if we’re going to meet our goal, and I invite you to be part of that. If you have not made a gift to this year’s MEF, please do. No gift is too small. Every gift matters. Every gift goes directly to the support of men and women answering a call to ministry.

Every. Gift. Matters. I believe that. And I hope you’ll join me in seeing the great work all of our gifts together can do.