Keslinn’s story

Portrait(1)Greetings, friends of LTS, and thank you, as always, for taking the time to read this email and for the ongoing support you provide to the Seminary. I want to share with you these words from an LTS student who truly exemplifies the benefits and blessings of a theological education at LTS. Keslinn Kohfeld-Stout, who hails from California, writes:

In 2012, I said yes to a call God had placed on my heart many years prior. I began searching for a way to live into that call, but I faced several obstacles. I am the mother of four children with special needs, so I was unable to relocate. The monumental cost of seminary was beyond imaginable. In addition, I never finished the bachelor’s degree required to enter seminary. As I stood at a locked gate praying for direction, I was introduced to Lexington Theological Seminary.

In February, I completed the necessary course work to obtain a Certificate in Pastoral Ministry, and I am now pursuing an M.Div. degree. As a Minister in Training at First Congregation Church, UCC, in Bakersfield, California, I can serve while continuing my education. My current duties focus on outreach and pastoral care, and every class I take translates immediately to ministry within my local congregation. I have experienced miracle after miracle over the past two years, and those miracles are the result of the many contributions of those who support LTS. Thanks to your generosity, I am provided the opportunity to learn and grow and share a little more each day.

YOUR support makes Keslinn’s story possible. YOUR donation to the Ministerial Education Fund—no matter the size of that donation—is directly responsible for helping men and women like Keslinn answer God’s call to ministry. And as she is grateful, I am, too.

If you have not made a gift this year, I invite you to do so in the coming days. Donate online today here: And, as always, you can mail a check directly to us at the Seminary or give me a call anytime to complete a donation over the phone. For all that you do to help us be who we are, I give thanks.


Julie Richardson, M. Div.

Advancement Associate and Class of 2002