The church needs our students…

 Our students need LTS. And we need you.

At last month’s Board of Trustees meeting at Lexington Theological Seminary, a list of graduates was approved for our 149th Commencement Ceremony, scheduled for June 19 at Crestwood Christian Church, Lexington, Ky.

As I read the list of names—men and women who have answered a call to ministry via theological education at LTS, I found myself breathing a prayer of thanksgiving. These folks are committed. Excited. Energized. Ready to really get in there and do the work they’ve been called and trained to do. They are equipped and empowered, and it is a very good thing. I cannot wait to celebrate with them in June.

My prayer of thanksgiving for their call included gratitude for the donors who have made these students’ educations possible. Each Seminary supporter, in his or her own way, and in dollar amounts large or small, makes it possible for William, for Joe, for Pamela, for Jacque, to do the work of ministry. And I can assure you the Church—the world—will be a better place because these men and women have said yes to serving God through their vocation.

We need you, you see. The Church needs you. The world needs you—to continue giving, to continue telling folks about the goodness to be found at LTS, to keep praying for us and our students.

This year is our 150th birthday, and the greatest gift you could give in honor of such a beautiful 150 years is further financial support of our students through a gift to the Ministerial Education Fund. No gift is too small. Every gift counts. YOU matter. And we are grateful.

This eBulletin contains a host of information about events, things to be a part of, and ways to give. I hope you’ll take the time to look through it all. And I hope you’ll be in touch soon.

Blessings to each of you,