The church needs our students…

 Our students need LTS. And we need you. At last month’s Board of Trustees meeting at Lexington Theological Seminary, a list of graduates was approved for our 149th Commencement Ceremony, scheduled for June 19 at Crestwood Christian Church, Lexington, Ky. As I read the list of names—men and women who have answered a call to ministry via theological education at LTS, I found myself breathing a prayer of thanksgiving. These folks are committed. Excited. Energized. Ready to really get in... Read More

Spring events at LTS

The 150th celebration continues with a series of spring events to enhance ministry, and celebrate and support our students: April 21 Table, Welcome, Wholeness, Movement: a Virtual Conversation, webinar for clergy with Dr. Sharon Watkins, General Minister and President Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). For more info: April 25 The Welcoming Church: Making a Place for People with Disabilities April 28 & 29  Franklin... Read More

The Balancing Act of Ministry

by Rev. Laurie Metzko, LTS Class of 2014 When I think of what challenges I might experience as my life as a minister grows and changes, I suspect they won't be much different than the things I'm already experiencing – maintaining clear boundaries, finding “me-time," and being able to say “no” when needed. To date I have been a part-time minister working at balancing ministry along with my full-time secular job as a bookkeeper, my life as a wife and a mom of two grown sons, and... Read More

Caring for Vocation and Self

By Rev. Kyle McDougall, Resident Minister, Central Christian Church, Lexington, Ky. As a young clergy person in transition to my next call, I’m excited and a little bit scared. Moving to a new town where my husband and I know no one is pretty stressful. In a situation like this, I assume that it will be easy to let the work of the church take up most of my time. But, entering into this new call I want to set healthy boundaries so that I continue to love my vocation while also taking care... Read More