By Julie Richardson, M. Div., Advancement Associate

It is no exaggeration to say that both my undergraduate and graduate educations remain two of the most important gifts I’ve received in my life. I was incredibly fortunate to walk away from both college and seminary without any significant student debt. I was grateful then; to be sure, I am now even more so. It took a few years of full-time professional work, a broader and deeper understanding of higher education and Church, and becoming a mom for me to truly understand how fortunate I am in regards to education.


I am humbled when I hear the stories of those who have given generously, and often sacrificially, so that my seminary peers and I could follow a call to ministry via an education at Lexington Theological Seminary. It is a tremendous thing, and we all stand on the shoulders of the individuals, congregations and alumni who have said, “We believe in you and your call, and so we give.”


The amount I give monthly to LTS feels like a small drop in a large bucket—there’s so much need, so many big dreams and so many men and women out there who want to serve the Church. But what I’m learning – cliché though it sounds – is that every drop matters. Without question.


Your drop matters, too. Be it $5 a month or $500 dollars a month, it matters, and it is an investment in the Gospel, a sign that you believe quality theological education matters and that those who want such an education ought to be able to find a path towards it.


There are any number of good, even righteous, causes to invest in, especially at this time of year. More people to help than sometimes even seems possible. I know this. And, still, I ask you to consider a Christmas gift to the Ministerial Education Fund at LTS. No matter the size, that gift will translate directly into helping students prepare for ministry.


Join me, won’t you?


Merry Christmas to you and yours, and may the hope, peace, joy and love of the Christ-child be with you now and always.