Honoring those who’ve journeyed with us

There’s a long list of pastors—men and women—who helped form and nurture and encourage what they saw as a call to ministry beginning to emerge in my life and work. I feel so very fortunate that this is true, especially when I remember that I have colleagues who were discouraged at every turn, and for whom the journey has not been so affirming or life-giving.

John, Dale, Jim, Mary Beth, Bill, Jorge, Michael, Larry Paul, Gary, Linda, Sharon, Russ, Mark—these are the names I celebrate most, though there are certainly more, when I think of the ones that have most made me into the pastor I am today. I speak and write their names with prayerful gratitude.

And I plan to honor them with an extra gift to Lexington Theological Seminary this month—October, the Month of Ministry. And I’d like to invite you to do the same—with your own list of names. Who are the pastors who helped make you a pastor? Who are the men and women clergy who helped you see, “Yes, I am called. Yes, I will go?”

You may give online, via mailed check or via phone—all options are secure, and we welcome your gift no matter the size.

I am grateful for these ones who guided me along the journey, and I am, this Month of the Ministry, grateful for all of you, sisters and brothers in profession and faith. Blessings upon your work and your lives. Know that you are remembered and appreciated by your alma mater.


– Julie Richardson, M.Div.
Advancement Associate