Quick Facts about Lexington Theological Seminary

Preparing Pastoral Leaders for 21st Century Churches

How many students are there at LTS?

Most recent annual headcount is 135, with students hailing from 29 states


Is the Seminary financially healthy?

Yes. The Board of Trustees adopted financial equilibrium and growth as one of four strategic imperatives. This means the Seminary is committed to sound fiscal policies and management to maintain the financial strength of the Seminary’s assets.


How is the new building being received?

Very well by faculty, staff, students and alumni alike—we welcome you for a tour!


How many full-time faculty are there at LTS?



What sorts of classes are being taught at LTS?

What you would expect to see at a graduate theological institution, with a congregationally-centered approach—preaching, worship design, pastoral care, church history, theology, etc.


Are students ever on campus?

Students are on campus for intensive courses in January and June.


What does LTS offer the wider community?

  • Lay School of Theology, church leadership webinars, the Library What new things are happening at LTS?
  • Conversations on Stewardship and Finance, Ministry Life Choices Initiative (read more about both at www.lextheo.edu)


How can I best support LTS?

You can be an informed advocate. You can refer students. You can support us financially.


Academic excellence and relevance

Financial equilibrium and growth

Sustaining pastors in ministry

Cultivating a quality place to work and study

(LTS Strategic Imperatives)