M.Div. student and pastor’s light shines

LTS M.Div. student Joey Pusateri is letting his light shine brightly.

He entered the program at LTS with a strong sense of calling – to what or why he didn’t know.

Since then, he has become part of a prison ministry, and from there, the pastor of Simpsonville Christian Church.

He recently was honored as a 2014 Magee Fellow by the Kentucky Council of Churches. As a fellowship recipient, he will attend the KCC Assembly on Restorative Justice Oct. 24-25.

Pusateri is also one of three pastors – one, Pusateri, Disciples of Christ; one Baptist; and one United Methodist – who came together to found the Salt and Light Festival, which occurred in their community of Simpsonville, Ky., in August.

In a feature story by the Sentinel-News, http://www.sentinelnews.com/content/festival-unity, Pusateri spoke of the importance of unity.

“It shows that while there are reasonable differences between our three congregations – we come from different traditions and histories – what’s most important is enough to keep us bound together, and we are glad to be able to do that in a public way,” he told the newspaper. “This event is meant to let the people know that we are here and listening, and eager to respond to the needs of God’s children as the hands and feet of Christ. I think it shows that we are more interested in what unites us than what divides us.”

Read more of Joey’s story of his calling here: https://www.lextheo.edu/2011/01/extreme-experience-for-lts-student/