Flourishing in Ministry and the Ministry Life Choices Initiative

An ongoing list of things to read, resources to discover, websites to peruse and video clips to watch on clergy health and well-being.

 Please check back quarterly for updates.

June, 2014Please find below more detailed information regarding the Flourishing in Ministry project and how it relates to MLCI at LTS.


The work of the Ministry Life Choices Initiative (MLCI) is, as noted elsewhere, born out of results and implications from the Flourishing in Ministry Project, directed by Dr. Matt Bloom, housed at Notre Dame University and funded through the Lilly Endowment.

FIM’s home is located here. A regular visit to the site is worth your time and effort, as site administrators continually update information and resources regarding the project and its continuing work.

Of particular note is the Flourishing Fresh Feed, accessible from the home page and featuring a rolling list of various news regarding wellbeing for clergy, for families, in the workplace, etc.

We welcome your thoughts. We invite your questions. We encourage your support and advocacy of both FIM and MLCI–together, between the two, there is the possibility for a new way of being for clergy and congregations.

Please be in touch with Julie Richardson Brown, Advancement Associate, at jbrown@lextheo.edu should you want to know more.