By Julie Richardson, M. Div., Advancement Associate It is no exaggeration to say that both my undergraduate and graduate educations remain two of the most important gifts I’ve received in my life. I was incredibly fortunate to walk away from both college and seminary without any significant student debt. I was grateful then; to be sure, I am now even more so. It took a few years of full-time professional work, a broader and deeper understanding of higher education and Church, and becoming... Read More

Surviving (Thriving) Advent, Part 2

by Dustin Hite, M. Div., 2010, Christian Theological Seminary, and Promise Road Campus Pastor, Geist Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Indianapolis, IN  Dustin In our family, the Advent/Christmas season doesn’t officially begin until two things have happened:  (1) we decorate the Christmas tree—my children delicately placing the ornaments on various branches, and (2) the annual reading of Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree (a tradition that dates back to my early childhood days,... Read More

Vol. XLV Fall and Winter 2013

LTS Quarterly Copyright Page Table of Contents and Editors Note We Are All Connected: Toward A Biblical Theology of Creation Richard D. Weis p.57-68 Critical Spatiality: Mhay's Room and the Kingdom of God Emily Askew p. 69-78 "A Little Wine": 1 Timothy 5:23 and Greco-Roman Youth Christopher R. Hutson p. 79-98 Review Essay: Comparing Restoration/Stone Campbell New Testament Introductions Jerry Sumney p. 99-108 Book Reviews p.... Read More

Surviving (Thriving) Advent, Part 1

By Rev. Dr. Mandye C. Yates Minister, First Christian Church (DOC), New Castle, IN Mandye How do I find room for the holy with myself and my family during the chaos of leading a congregation through Advent? That’s a fantastic question! It is a conscious effort to find room for the holy most any time while doing full time ministry, but it’s especially difficult during the Advent season. Even though several committees and teams take a break from meetings during the month of... Read More

A call to conversation

The following message and call to conversation was written by the Rev. April G. Johnson, Minister of Reconciliation, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ): Ferguson GT Verdict... Read More

Bulletin Fall 2014

Please click the link below to view the... Read More

Tomato Aspic

By Julie Richardson “We’re going to Mrs. Jackson’s house for lunch,” my dad said to my younger sister and me, “and I expect you to be on your best behavior.” “Um…okay,” was our rather reluctant reply. We’d been residents of Winder, Georgia, for less than a year, uprooted from our happy life in South Texas so our dad could take the position of senior minister of First Christian Church in Winder, and neither my sister or I were really happy or comfortable with the... Read More

‘Lost in a sermon’

Stephanie Paulsell, the daughter of former LTS President Bill Paulsell, writes about the impact of one of her father's sermons and the mystery of God in the Faith Matters blog on Christian... Read More

Reverend Mama, Part 4 (Bread and Cupcakes)

The latest edition of the MLCI series seeks to incorporate the voices of those who are both “Reverend” and “Mommy.” There’s many of us out there, in a wide variety of contexts and each with our own celebrations and challenges. We are grateful to the three Disciples pastors who have volunteered to share their reflections with us for this particular discussion, and seek to honor each one’s story as that — HER story, and not necessarily a definitive statement on what it means to... Read More

Honoring those who’ve journeyed with us

There’s a long list of pastors—men and women—who helped form and nurture and encourage what they saw as a call to ministry beginning to emerge in my life and work. I feel so very fortunate that this is true, especially when I remember that I have colleagues who were discouraged at every turn, and for whom the journey has not been so affirming or life-giving. John, Dale, Jim, Mary Beth, Bill, Jorge, Michael, Larry Paul, Gary, Linda, Sharon, Russ, Mark—these are the names I celebrate... Read More