Tour Turkey and Greece with Dr. Sumney in 2014

To kick off the 150th Anniversary of the founding of the Lexington Theological Seminary in 2015, Dr. Jerry Sumney will be offering a travel tour of Turkey and Greece in January 2014.  The tour, which will take us through the “Churches of the Revelation and the Footsteps of Paul,” departs on January 14 and returns on January 28, 2014.

The 14-day tour begins in Izmir, Turkey and concludes in Athens, Greece.  An overview of the itinerary is below.  The tour is open to current students for course credit, along with alumni and friends.

The deposit for the trip will be $550 and due Sept. 30.  The cost of the trip is $4,175. Supplement for a single room is $693.00 All payments will be made to the travel agency.  If you have questions, or would like to investigate the trip further, please feel free to contact Dr. Sumney,, Mark Blankenship or Halee Kennon in the Advancement Office,, or (859) 280-1241 or (866) 296-6087.  Students may take the tour (and do the work) to receive 2 hours of 600 level credit. Cost of the course is in addition to the cost of the tour. Stay tuned for possible information about scholarship assistance.


Trip schedule:

MONDAY, JANUARY 14:  Lexington – Charlotte – Munich

TUESDAY, JANUARY 15:  Munich – Ismir

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 16:  Izmir – Thyatira – Philadelphia – Sardis

THURSDAY, JANUARY 17:  Izmir – Laodicea – Pamukkale – Hierapolis

FRIDAY, JANUARY 18:  Pamukkale – Ephesus – Izmir

SATURDAY, JANUARY 19:    Izmir – Pergamum – Assos

SUNDAY, JANUARY 20:  Assos – Alexandria Troas – Troy -Canakkale

MONDAY, JANUARY 21:  Canakkale – Ipsala

TUESDAY, JANUARY 22:  KAVALA – Philippi – Amphipolis – Thessaloniki

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 23:  Thessaloniki – Kalamabaka

THURSDAY, JANUARY 24:  Kalamabaka – Meteora – Delphi

FRIDAY, JANUARY 25:  Delphi – Athens

SATURDAY, JANUARY 26:  Athens – Corinth


MONDAY, JANUARY 28: Athens – Frankfurt – Charlotte – Lexington