Advent prayer

Gracious light who shines in the darkness
Source of fresh water in the deserts of our lives
Sustainer of spirit, intellect and practice
Assurance of the not-yet that is yet-to-be
Re-newer of our weary vision
We gather in this season of watchful waiting
Invited to savor our community
As a child seeing life through fresh eyes
Who is in awe at the sources of creation
Who wonders at our capacity for nourishment
May we discover how the rough places have been smoothed
and will be smoothed yet again
How a way has opened and is opening for us
to learn and teach and care among those who wait for us
In the name of the one who went to the desert and returned full of a sense of justice and mercy we pray.
— Dr. Steve Monhollen, Donald & Lillian Nunnelly Professor of Pastoral Leadership